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The Apple diyMod: My Take on the Famous iMod [56k killer] Featuring 3G, 4G, 5G and nano 1G! - Page 201

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So can this work on a 6th generation iPod classic?

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OK guys now it's time for some brain storming...

I have a ibasso dx90 and a headfier called lurker0 created a custom firmware that sets the cpu clock speed to maximum at all times, from my understanding I guess it prevents jitter and guarantees that the dac is bit perfect at all times

Once again from the dx90 thread I discovered that a battery with better quality cells also increases the sound quality (I bought the official Samsung Galaxy s3 battery for it)

Both the modded firmware and the better battery showed a slight improvement in each they're own ways (I am not alone in that opinion)

Couldn't those same ideas be applied to a diymod? I am confident that someone can do the same firmware mod with rockbox but I am not so sure where to buy an ipod 5.5 battery that is a vast improvement on the regular crap

I don't mean more miliwatt hours or more battery life I mean the cells of the battery are manufactured to a much higher quality control standard

I'm sure there's plenty of you rubbing your palms together right now lol

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About a year ago I attempted this mod and ruined my ipod since then a friend has done the mod for me and until reading this thread my "new" ipod has been my most prized possession. The problem is that I used 6.3v elna silimic 2s with a capitance of 47uf and it seems that everyone here now recommends 4.7uf. I mainly listen to my ipod through a vintage stereo receiver using an unmodded radio shack dock. Would there be a benefit to replaceing the caps with some 4.7uf of the same kind? I know most people here recommend film capacitors but I really want to keep the thin profile. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by DMinor View Post

Guys if you want to test the mod completely free of caps, you need to make sure the following ....


1. Your amp is able to handle the dc offset, regardless of how your amp is designed with or without dc blocking caps

2. No dc offset from amp's output to iem's or headphones.


By the way, I again measured the dc offsets from apple's lod and the numbers were like 1.5 volts. My measured dc offset from the amp to my iem's is zero.To produce the cleanest sound possible, I also disconnected the headphone jack from the board (wrap the cable end with some electrical tape). If connected,  the board would be still feeding the audio to the headphone jack and it would still draw power from the battery. As much as I want to remove more unnecessary components from the board, unfortunately I have no idea about what/how to remove.


So this is the cleanest audio path we can get with this mod, also the most power efficient for the battery. Now I don't know if this is placebo or not, but I am now hearing the most neutral, transparent and cleanest sound ever, after I tested it with a few tracks (symphonies and orchestral work) which I consider the most muddy prone due to the nature of the music composed.




where can i get the silver cable required for this? and does anyone have a picture that shows where the wires need to go?

EDIT: a lot of the older pictures in this thread have stopping being hosted and i cant really get a good idea about how to do this without reading all 200 pages.

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Originally Posted by no_eye_dear View Post

Hey mate, it's not that difficult really!

Take the case off the FiiO and drill the side of the iPod back panel with the corresponding on/off & volume button holes from the casing.

Bags of room in there if you have done the CF Mod but I also took off all the connectors (mini USB & phone jacks)... then it's really slim (about 3mm)

Put the buttons in the holes, then put some hot glue (or double sided tape?) on the back pane and line the FiiO up... then stick the FiiO's battery onto the back panel as well. 

You could use the ipod battery for power but there is room so why not increase the capacity.

They use the same battery & charge voltage so I just took a couple of wires from the FiiO's mini USB pads to the USB charge pins of the iPod.

When you charge the iPod you charge the FiiO.


Then I just wired from the DAC to the FiiO  input pads via a couple of Elna Silmic II's...then FiiO output pads straight to the LOD pins.


If you've done the iMod it's pretty straight forward, you just need a dremel for the button holes.


Oh yes, I didn't bother with the Bass Boost switch, I just left it 'ON'.


I didn't take any photo's but I could open it up and take some if you want.

Pretty straight forward though once you have the three holes drilled.... except for the iMod to the LOD pins... that's fiddly but the only way IMO.wink.gif

Hey I know you posted this reply 2 years ago but I'm just modding an ipod 5.5g I got for free. I was wondering if what you have done with the E5 might work with the E6? If anything the E6 looks as though it may be smaller, potentially being more forgiving in terms of space.

Lastly, I know the Li-ion battery in the E6 is 3.7V however I am unsure of one thing; will the difference in mAh be a problem? The iPod will have an aftermarket battery from ifixit @ 580mAh and the E6 is shy a third of that at 160mAh.



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Will someone do the iMod for me? Please. I will pay of course.

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Originally Posted by yacobx View Post

Will someone do the iMod for me? Please. I will pay of course.

Contact thegrobe, he did two of my iPods and the job performed was top notch!

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+1 for thegrobe I've bought a diy LOD from thegrobe, he's definitely a great guy and very knowledgeable.
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