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Who's done this iPod mod?

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Seems kinda like the DIY version of the iMod. Seeing as how it removes the PCB board traces, replaces caps, etc. But instead of using the HP jack, it still uses the dock connection.


Seems like it could be fairly easily done on your own. I haven't seen the pics myself, as I'm not a member of ipastudio, but this was on another forum, and was curious if any of you DIYers did this? how do you think this SQ wise compares to the iMod? "Will it sound as good as my meridian CDP?" lol.
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Funny you should mention it, oicdn, cause I was just going to post about how I did it to my 4G iPod click wheel. The guy uses the 3G iPod, which has the Wolfson Microelectronics WM8731 CODEC while the 4G uses the WM8975 CODEC, similar to the WM8971. I haven't had the chance to take photos of the innards, but that should come along sometime soon. I also posted about it in my blog. At any rate, I believe it essentially achieves the iMod effect. I took the audio feed straight from the DAC (had to remove some diode-looking SMD bits), and wired two 220uF Nichicon UPWs in series with a stereo jack. I'm looking into getting some Black Gates eventually to get closer to the iMod's sound, but that'll have to wait what with Christmas slowly approaching and finals rushing in. The datasheet says you can wires two 220uF caps in series with the audio feeds and connect it straight to your headphones. That was too loud for me, so I made it into a line out. To set up the line out, the datasheet says to use two 1uF caps and 100 ohm resistors in series with the feeds. I opted out of the two resistors.

At any rate, my love for my setup has been renewed, and I can't wait to get home today and listen. It's amazing what a $4 DAC (well, CODEC, but whatever) can do.
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Yeah, I assume it gives you relatively the same sound/effects.

I would also assume it could be done on the 4th gen, and it was only done on the 3rd due to that's what the modder had at hand. Could be wrong though, but I'de suspect it to be the same....
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Boy, I love unnecessarily lengthy and bandwidth-hungry pictorials.

Look at that rocket pack. Electric tape just because black is a power colour. None of this "white iPod, iBud" crap.

I drilled a hole! That long strap allows me to keep the top of the Tic-Tac case together while allowing me to swap out capacitors if I want.

Open sesame bun!



Observe how the leftmost wire is ground. I didn't have a convenient place to solder it, so I listened to the 'phones as I poked around with the wire. That folded up piece of paper is part of the hard drive fix for lots of iPod hard drive problems.


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Whoa...that's crazy....
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WOW, hot dang. Thats crazy and very cool. First fourth gen iMod with swapped jumbo capacitor award.
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i wonder if i can do this...
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