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Oprah Winfrey
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Looking forward to watching my Boston Celtics in a rematch against the Miami Heat within the hour on ESPN...

Gooo Celtics
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Kitchen Nightmares - BBC America
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Local movie channel showing one of the later seasons of the US Queer as Folk. I actually liked the US one over the UK one. The dvr records it so I watch it after my husband goes to sleep. I guess he's afraid he'll catch Teh gheay or something.
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The Best Of The Grammy Awards
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Smackdown, listening to Trivium (all of their tunes).
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more victorias secret dvds!
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M.A.S.H. Season 5

God I used to love watching this show when I was 7 and reruns showed up on PBS. Finally snagged all 11 seasons.

Also just finished watching the last episode of Chuck. God that show was a shot out of the blue, and easily the best show on TV this season (IMO). Hoping to got it survives the current writer's strike and comes back for a second season next fall.
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I'm a celeb get me out of here final
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The News.
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How do I manage 771 channels? I'm new to directv and I haven't a clue?
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Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" Festival from Chicago on PBS' Great Performances
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Originally Posted by nickknutson View Post
I'm watching last night's Chuck...great show! I really like that his show is picking up. It's my favorite new show of the year!
"Chuck" it - I rarely watch TV. After all these years, and dozens of channels, it's still a wasteland.

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