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I WAS watching Eddie Izzard get pwned in his fake American accent by Minnie Driver's fake American accent in The Riches, until crappy Swedish tv3 decided to just let it disappear into thin air.

Seriously though, it must be because Eddie is too cool for tv.
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Sky news
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Sky news
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Eric Clapton 2007 Crossroads festival. ;-)
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Seinfeld Season 9
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Trying to make sense of this Directv HD DVR remote. Just installed yesterday for the Dallas game tonight. Don't ask. About 771 channels that I'll never watch. I see a Boston Blackie movie coming up on TCM. Tomorrow (B&W of course), I will record it, if I figure out how.
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Oprah Winfrey
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Just settling in with King of the Hill. As if you didn't know.
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Also watching House - after watching the latest Black Adder episode that was sort of a Christmas recap. Funny watching Hugh Laurie go from slapstick to all grumpy and serious.

Seriously though, they need to get Stephen Fry on House as a weird patient that pulls House's strings. You don't get Laurie without Fry.

And then I'll get my Eddie fix with watching Circle on DVD again. Ahh, the works of that great American composer, Jeff Crapinthehead....
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Local News
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Survivor: China
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motley crue - livewire music video
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heroes series 2 episode 4
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