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It is indeed strange that so many find the SR325 "bright"
compared to other Grados. I had held off for a long time trying the SR325 because so many here reported this,
but I had to complete my Grado "hat trick" Also Headroom gives
very high praise to RS2/SR225 but paints the SR325 as a mediocre
performer.....very baffling!

Anyone likes Grado should try definitely SR325, I own RS2/SR325/SR225 and if I only had one I would start with the SR325, as it has the best performance/cost ratio IMO. But anyone who has not tried these don't be put off by the "myth" try these
yourself, and see if you don't find the SR325 to be a smooth
natural sounding performer.

Vertigo got a good deal on those SR325!