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Extreme Isolation Headphones

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I purchased these headphones after trying them at Drum Headquarters. They are light weight and I can wear them for hours while recording or playing live. They do as they claim.
I use them in my home studio for recording live drums next to my board and on stage. I use them at my computer because it is near the TV.
They are also great for blocking out ,wives, kids, phones,lawnmowers and listening to radio broadcast at the TWA Dome during Rams games.
I used them on 3 and 4 hour airline trips to LA and Vegas
until Sept 11 th. I'm sure those days are over.

The sound engineer with my band swears by them for hearing the mix without hearing the mains. He has tossed out his Sennheisers forever.
Contrary to other reveiws I read here... the speakers have enough power for the attenuation provided and the intended use. They have just enough of everything I need to get the job done. There is no all around perfect headphone to please everyone.
They are not as sleak as the other 10 types of cans I've used in studios and on stage but I am sold on their performance.

The website does show the price but not on the home page.
I paid $110. over the counter and they are worth every dollar.
I found them at [url]www.extremeheadphones.com
but bought them at a music store for$60.00 less than the website
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What headphones would they be?
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These headphones.
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They look like shooting range earmuffs!
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