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Welcome Back to Head-Fi.org. I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage - Page 14

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Many thanks!
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You gotta be kidding me

Originally Posted by mojolo View Post
As a long time lurker, it's great to have the forums back.

props to google cache as well for satisfying my need for headphone info over the past couple weeks.
* indignantly slaps forehead* I didn't think of that...well that's what I love and missed about this place; head-fi is about education.

Thanks Jude!
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Many thanks for your hard word. Nice to see Head-Fi back.
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I missed this friggin' site so much!!!

Really appreciate the time and effort put in to bring it back up.
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It's back!
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thank you for tyring so hard to fix the site

so glad that headfi is fixed, I was literally bored to death back at home because I ran out of site to surf.
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I love head-fi. Everything about it is big. The meets are big, the community is big, the equipment is big and even the outages are big. I'm glad it's back and I'm glad that most of the important data has been recovered.

Long live head-fi.
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(lol I was starting to question my religion.)

Again many thanks for all your efforts to get the site back
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Is it possible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the "ultra-reliable" NAS unit? We have tonnes of lawyers on this forum i guess.
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With great trepidation I clicked on the Head-Fi link expecting to see the outage message I have seen so often these past two weeks. NO ... WAIT ... ITS BACK UP!! (Sorry about the shouting) I did not realize how much this site was part of my routine. I tried to find an alternate site in case this one turned out to be unrecoverable - there wasn't one.

Jude - Thank you for all your hard work! Get some well deserved sleep.
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Originally Posted by JMT
Wow, that was weird. Sorta gave me Headwize flashbacks. I figured Jude tripped over the power cord again.

However it was kind of nice opening my e-mail and not getting 20 reported to moderator e-mails.
LOL ! Ditto.

Seriously though, it's nice to see the place back on line. A big thanks to everyone involved in putting the pieces back together. And a big thanks to the members and lurkers who've waited patiently (or even impatiently) for Head-fi's recovery. It's during difficult times like this you really get to see who your friends are....and vice-versa. After the last two weeks, logging in and seeing more than 900 people online already, really shows the positive spirit of this community.

Either that, or the addictive personalities of it's members.

Anyway, it's good to be back.
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and we're baaacckkkkk
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My name is now "imported_sid_". Could this be changed back to "sid_"?
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To echo the sentiments of others who posted before me...thanks, Jude; for getting the site back online, and all your hard work. I really missed HeadFi this week (especially since I was off work this week for some holiday time), and I found out that it IS true, that you don't really know what you've got 'till it's gone. Like the others, I rely on HeadFi for information, comparisons, and camaraderie. I did manage to keep myself somewhat fullfilled by buying a new set of Grado bowls from Todd, and a multi-port USB hub from ebay. Still, nothing beats spending time on HeadFi, and I appreciate the countless hours you and your team spent on getting things back up.

I also can appreciate that an outage of this magnitude isn't cheap to repair. I had let my subscription lapse in the past few months, but I will correct that within the next couple of weeks, as soon as my Paypal account has had a chance to charge back up, to help with your expenses. Thanks again for a great site, Jude...this place totally-ROCKS! Peace!
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thanks jude..are there anyways the pm's could be recovered?
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