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Ahem, anyway. It looks like sony dropped a few BILLION dollars into licensing for GT5, and it's starting to look interesting. I forgot how much PS3s are, but I just might end up saving up for one. Maybe.
I don't think there's a release date yet for GT5 - 'course Burnout Paradise is a fun driving game that can help you pass the time while you wait for GT - granted it's a much different driving experience than GT, but lots of fun.

The smaller hard drive PS3's are $400, although you can often find deals - Dell was running one recently and Sony often has a credit card offer - or various places (like Costco) offer bundles which have reasonable value tossing in a game, extra controller & Blu-Ray remote. Price reduction rumors have run rampant although given none were announce at E3, it likely won't happen 'til Xmas if it does at all...

Overall I've found our PS3 to be a great value for all it does...
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I found all the Playstations I've ever owned (from the PS1 to PS3 and everything in between) to have been great values for their money in their own ways. The PS1 and PS2 had many great games, as does the PSP and PS3, which also offer the multimedia functions as bonuses.
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I had a PS3 (the old compatibility with the PS2) for most of last year. It was an absolutely wonderful piece of equipment, but I found myself not playing that many games (I'm more of a PC gamer). So I ended up selling it to a friend who was thinking of settling for an XBox 360...I think I did the world a favor. ;-)
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Got the original PS3 60GB and PSP-1000 here.

Have you guys watched the Sony E3 Press Conference? WOW. It was packed with announcement after announcement.

Here's what I picked up from it:

- New PSP GO with only digital media. No UMD. 16GB built in flash, Bluetooth, 3.8" display. $249.
- Gran Turismo Mobile and Metal Gear PSP launching THIS year
- Current PSP to continue selling for $169
- PSN store now accessible directly on the PSP
- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves looks awesome and releases this November.
- MAG: 256 players online. This year.
- New Ratchet and Clank game launching this year.
- New EXCLUSIVE IP from Rockstar called "Agent".
- Final Fantasy XIV. MMO. Only on PS3.
- Motion sensing controller that absolutely DEMOLISHES the Wii's.
- No price cut yet. Not the "appropriate venue to announce one" according to Sony.
- Gran Turismo 5 + God of War 3 trailers shown. Early 2010 launch expected.
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