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Originally Posted by john5220 View Post

Nah I am talking about TTD Caribbean money. $1 US = $6.30 TT

In reality after vat an shipment I guess the HD 555 costed me $180 USD. Or $1000 TTD.

From Miami it has to be shipped here then needs to clear and u pay 15% VAT and then 30% Duty thats 45% of the total price. Thats for this retarded government here to do god alone knows what with the money as we still do not have a police force. Well we do but they never come when u call the idiots.

Steups I going and do like my uncle he migrated to Florida USA and now he living it up big. He claims America is the greatest place on earth to. Plus he is a Computer Science professor so I assume his business is fix. lol

I gonna do just like this guy so I can also live it up on South beach with all those Latinas like Shakira. Miami is filled with them.

i sold my HD555 for $110 and got HD600 for $260 with HD650 cable.
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Originally Posted by john5220 View Post
In reality after vat an shipment I guess the HD 555 costed me $180 USD.
That is robbery. there is no other way of looking at it...
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FWIW If anyone is still interested, I actually had the chance to compare the two side by side (both new version if anyone is interested) with the same cable (2x Blue Dragon V3s) at a meet a few weeks ago out of my system, which I'm very familiar with. With the same cables the difference was very small, much smaller than I had expected. The only thing that I could tell that differentiated the two apart was the bass. ie. 650s bass hit a bit harder than the HD600s. They didn't seem to have a darker signature, better seperation, more layed back, more sound stage etc..

Iirc Gradofan2 mentioned that he couldn't tell the difference between the two, and I thought he was smoking crack, but having A/Bed both I guess I was wrong O_o (or maybe we're both wrong )
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2 cents' worth:

I've noticed distinctions similar to some of those reported here:
The 650's originally wowed me with fuller bass (not the 600 strongest aspect) - but after more than a year of A/B comparisons in the normal course of things - it became apparent (subjectively, to my ears) that I preferred the the detail & crispness of the 600's (more of it than the 650 across the whole frequency spectrum). Even preferred the bass - 650's sound a tad muddy / more marshmellow-ee" down low, when I listened to them immediately after the 600's.
Stream of consciousness impressions of both:
650: more syrupy sweet, slower, fuller but less articulated bass; nice but not exceptional mids (smooth but not siky); rolled-off highs
600: bass not as full, but tighter and IMHO more impactful; super clean, crisp, detailed, silky mids; more air in high frequencies.

gave the 650's to a friend.

Kept the 600/Cardas as monitors for home studio:

PRS Signature guitar-->Vetta II digital amp (Analog Devices Tigershark DSPs)-->MBox USB Audio/MIDI Interface--> Mac G5 running Pro Tools (32 track/192khz sampling)-->Headroom Cosmic-->HD600

Sounds just like it does coming out of the Vetta's 2x12 150w cabinet, just not as loud!
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HD600's black box looks better than the silver box of HD650's!!
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I am growing to love the marble finish of the hd600s too
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the Marble finish at times looks very cheap and at times looks very royal to me.

but what i really love are the Grills..very professional look
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hey guys btw.. has anyones HD600 or HD650 headband undergone Cracks?

i noticed they dont look very tuff..maybe because i am nervous handling them?
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Only the paint on the headband on mine has crackled a bit and it is already quite old and has been used a lot.
As long as you don't make them fall from the table all the time and other stuff like that I think you shouldn't worry.
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Yeah, avoid falling off the table. >.<
Is there more than one way to burn in? Once a burn period is over, are the changes, that the headphones will undergo, over as well, or can they change to approach what would have been optimum for a "better" burn-in?
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in your experience, what's the better all-around (any types of music genre from classical to vocals) phones? thank you
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the 600 slaps the 650 silly.....
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One of the best guys in the world at mastering records, Steve Hoffman, uses HD600's. I had the HD650's, but couldn't get over the buried upper midrange. Need to try the HD600's.
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