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Originally Posted by Max F View Post
I've never heard the 595s but they must be some really dull sounding phones to make the 650s sound unforgiving and harsh. I guess everything is relative...
I was looking through some old threads in an unrelated context and came across this comment by my old sparring partner gsferrari:

"Here is the shocker - the HD-650 has more treble detail/resolution and actually sounds brighter in my setup. The 595 has a hollow tonal balance in the treble compared with the HD-650. Now this is a shock to me because my initial impressions were that the 595's were too bright!! It is consistently brighter than the HD-650 but the real "bright spots" of the music (Cymbals, Snare, guitar) are brighter on the HD-650."

This was exactly the point I was trying to make, not that the 650 was "brighter" in the sense of having more treble (the 595 has more), but that it has a slightly forward, "bright" midrange that gives greater resolution but at the same time can sound harsh on strings and give recordings with too much reverb a cave-like sound. There's more than one definition of "bright", and I obviously was not able to convey adequately the one I meant.
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Yeah, I really need to listen to the 595s to know what you mean. Anyway my point is that I find the 650s very forgiving even to overcompressed rock or rock that is normally bright (try Clinic). Sorry, don't listen to classical. Believe me, I'm sensitive to mid treble range - 2-4khz and actually incorperate a BBC dip EQ to my speaker setup. I feel that the 650s have this same type sound - moderately recessed mid treble (as does the 580s that i have, but they have less bass). Some folks may see this as a flaw or even call it a veil.
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I have a little box fitted with in-line resistors. Trying 680Ω with the 650s (out of a NAD C320BEE, which has an output impedance of 220Ω) I got a balance quite like the 595, with the upper midrange definitely less lively, slightly recessed (which incidentally gives the subjective impression of a wider soundstage). I'm now going to try 470Ω, which my ears tell me should be about right.
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what kind of music does the HD600 excel at. so far, i have preferred every one of my CDs with the 650.
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In what way?
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the 600 just has this slow feeling to it, like it takes a bit too long for the music to flow (prat, maybe), plus the bass seems extremely weak (both in quantity and quality) when compared to the 650. the 600 just seems less engaging than the 650 and the clarity or detail does seem to be any better as well.
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I'll take the HD600 over the HD650. The HD650 is slow, thick, and heavy, and it obscures detail that the 600 reveals. Its oppressive bass overwhelms everything.

That's just me . . . although others agree.

But I'd happily live with the 650 over the K701, if necessary..............
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i find the exact opposite.

maybe i'll warm up to 600s. but at least for the majority of my CDs, i prefer my HD650. maybe i am just use to that sound more. who knows. we'll see. i'm not giving up on them yet.
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what do you think of the 600 vs 650 now? aaaahhh but of course. your amp is not really gonna be a bottle neck which explains the 650s quickness I guess. Have you compared both with lesser amps?
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Stock HD650's are good to hide setup imperfections, better than the HD600's, and the HD650's have bigger soundstage, too. In general, I find the HD600 more natural, so... better.
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I got my HD 555 but I feel as though I can do better now.

I find the HD 650 to be to expensive compared to the HD 600 on Amazon.

Is there any noticeable difference from a HD 555 to a HD 600?

But god damn that HD 650 sure looks sexy its the most beautiful thing I ever seen in my life.
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I like the HD600 wayyyy more than the 555, and I like the HD600 a little better than the HD650 as well. The HD600 seem to have a very natural tone and still produce good bass with good detail, while the HD650 seemed more bland and dull so I sold them and kept the HD600. They scale up very well with a good amp, and I listen to my balanced HD600 as much as I do my Electrostatics. The HD600 were my second purchase on head-fi and I will never regret it.
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Hmm awesome cause I did not want to buy the HD 650 cause that would amount to $5000 TTD of my money where I live after VAT and Duty and all this kinda crap here.

But the HD600 will only cost me about $2800 MAX who knows maby $2500 If I am lucky, As I paid $1000 for the HD 555 off amazon plus shipping and vat and duty and money conversion etc thats how it costed so much.

Whats a good cheap AMP and BTW whats the purpose of an Amp?
If you have a good sound card do you even need an AMP? I am assuming an AMP is made for an IPOD etc.
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what $ are you talking about by the way? If it is USD youre talking about $1000 for the 555? hehehe what? thats gs1000 territory
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Nah I am talking about TTD Caribbean money. $1 US = $6.30 TT

In reality after vat an shipment I guess the HD 555 costed me $180 USD. Or $1000 TTD.

From Miami it has to be shipped here then needs to clear and u pay 15% VAT and then 30% Duty thats 45% of the total price. Thats for this retarded government here to do god alone knows what with the money as we still do not have a police force. Well we do but they never come when u call the idiots.

Steups I going and do like my uncle he migrated to Florida USA and now he living it up big. He claims America is the greatest place on earth to. Plus he is a Computer Science professor so I assume his business is fix. lol

I gonna do just like this guy so I can also live it up on South beach with all those Latinas like Shakira. Miami is filled with them.
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