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I think there were two models of each, where the later model 650 had clearer highs or less of a veil. I believe both of the 650s that I tried and sold off were the earlier version.


I sold the first 600 that I had as well, which I think must have been a later model. The later model 600 has sharper highs that actually got to me. I still have my second 600, I think it must be an earlier model. It's the headphone that I have owned the longest and I still appreciate it.


That's how I think it went with the early/current 600/650 sound signatures but I could be mistaken. I do know that it's relatively easy to visually identify which is which with both headphones but I don't remember the details.


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So if you were seeking true/unflattering, had limited funds, and had 10 minutes to decide on choosing either a 580 or a 600 ??   Guessing they'd be priced in the same ballpark for very good condition?


Just a hypothetical btw. wink.gif



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I prefer the 600 to 650 w/Zu Mobius. Sounds more natural and scales great with equipment. The bass always felt a bit bloated for me on the 650.

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I think it's obvious a consensus could never possibly be reached on this topic, yet this is one of the most popular topics in any headphone forum on the internet.


Anyway, I ordered the HD600 from amazon at $259 shipped. Good deal you think? I can't wait to hear them.

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Wish I still had my HD-600. Someday when I win the lottery I'll give the HD-650 another (3rd) chance. Maybe it will sound amazing with my new DAC.


$259 is a good price for the HD-600. HD-600 is one of those rare headphones that seems to do well for everything. Games, movies and music.


I'm really surprised there hasn't been any reviews comparing the HD-598 and HD-600. A few comments, but that's about it.


I'm sure there's a lot of things that the HD-600 does better, but it all comes down to preference.


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I am glad I found this page while I am thinking about getting my first decent headphone. I am more inclined to get the HD 650. I read that many people pointed out that one needs amp to drive the 650 to have it function to its potential. I wonder how good the amp has to be. I have some knowledge on amp and receivers for hometheater but no knowledge on portable amp or gears particularly for headphone. I have a low end receiver from $500 HTIB about 7 years ago, receiver is Onkyo 520, I believeIt drives my speakers system and subs (total around $2k with some deals) pretty good. If you rate high end amp at 10 and ipod at 1 as the sound source, where my receiver should be? 1, 2, or 0.5dt880smile.png. For those portable amps or gear for headphone, what the budget range that can match the HD 650? I may not get them now but I want to be aware of that. I will mostly use the head phone to listen music (most on classic) and some movies. Due to the layout of my room and where I put the coach and receiver I may need cable as long as 16-17 feet (or 5 meters). I have the HD 202 II ($20 -50 depending your store) and used it on the receiver and I feel it's just another cheap headphone that you won't feel a thing if you lost it at airport.   

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which one provides a more non-fatiguing sound?

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They're both pretty non-fatiguing. Just watch the volume, it's very easy to crank these things.


I've kept both though at the moment I don't have much to drive them with. Will probably build something when I have the time to figure out how.


I think most people aren't hearing the HD650 at its full potential. It really needs some power to open up and reign in its bass. Without it it just sound muddy and bloated with recessed mids. The HD600 is more forgiving and sounds more linear on most equipment. When driven right I think the HD650 is actually more linear across the mids and highs, though its bass could still use some more definition. If you check Innerfidelity's measurements, the HD650 is actually one of the cleanest headphones around in the mids and highs - electrostatic, dynamic, or ortho. The distortion numbers are pretty phenomenal, though distortion does rise significantly in the bass as is the case with just about all dynamics. The HD600 isn't quite as clean, but it will sound cleaner with most systems.


They're both among the few dynamics that I like. Most dynamics will overhype the highs to try to sound more detailed. These don't do that but remain pretty detailed throughout.

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There are two versions of the HD600, and the one with the more accentuated treble can be fatiguing out of certain systems.

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Which of the two is better suited for movie watching?

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I like my current HD600 (the less sharp version) for watching many types on online videos and movie previews, listening straight out of my DAC. I generally don't watch full surround movies with headphones on.

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I'm going to be honest - For most movies today HD 650 was better. HD 600 sounds a little more 'simulated' in comparison - when talking about movies.


A lot of it has to do with HD 650's sound being 'there' in 'that' direction. It gives you this feeling that the sound is actually physically sustenent: "It's over there" kind of sound.. It is mostly unique in my experience. Although the lcd-2 kind of does this too, but to a slighter degree.


HD 600; Simulated for movies and exactly what the artist-producer wanted you to hear, For music it has a tone that is legend.


(Both HD 6xx have a bit of grainyness, because they're traditional dynamics)

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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

I like my current HD600 (the less sharp version) for watching many types on online videos and movie previews, listening straight out of my DAC. I generally don't watch full surround movies with headphones on.


Would that be the darker color drivers?  Older ones.

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I used to have a HD580 and I could listen to them for hours and hours. I tried AKG 701 for a while, kinda liked its bigger soundstage but I found it a bit fatiguing. So later I sold the 701 and 580 was destroyed in a fire. I have had Beyer DT 235 for a year now. But recently I moved to an office so I have been considering the open type headphones again. I listen to classical music (mostly instruments) and occasionally use to it watch movies. I have done quite an amount of search here and have read reviews on DT880, AKG 501/701, but it seems that every time it would go back to the Sennheiser. LOL! So maybe I will get them next. I guess 600 for music and 650 for movies?

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HD650 are laid back, with a deeper bass response in comparison to the HD600's. I have auditioned the 600's and they weren't for me, the sound was "analytical" as what most people would describe them as.

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