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My second Cmoy

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Far left one

The middle one is my first Cmoy, and far left is PacTec K-HML-9VB
case which Carl Hansen recommands for his PCB board.

I'm trying to sell far left ones for $60.00. You guys think it's a resonable price?
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holy **** that case looks good!
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holy **** that case looks good!
i'll second that
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That's the sweetest looking Cmoy I ever seen, love the sliver look.
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wow, nice looking amps Gemul. 60 bucks sounds like a good price to me!
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yeah, where'd you pick up that case?
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apologies but could not delete this double post

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Beautiful job, Gemul! 60 bucks is certainly a good price.
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The Aluminum case is very, VERY, VVEERRYY Nice! I and We ALL want one.
Where did you get it?
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A local case store in Korea. I don't think you guys can get it....
Anyway, it's $12.00 each
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For the unit in the aluminum case, you could easily ask for more than $60. After all, just the box is $12. It's a very good-looking amp.
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wow. could you sell me one of those?
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