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So what did you do while Head-Fi was down? - Page 4

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Bought new headphones... D2000
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A few non-personals:

I RockBox'd my iPod for use in my F-350.

Bought a couple portable GPS units for my wife and I(fun toy).

Bought more stuff for sons Bday and Xmas...

Began the process of reorganizing my music collection for my DAPs.

I also tried to get extra sleep but that never happened.

Don't look down!

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I checked Head-Fi to see if it as back. Often.

In the meantime, I had to fall back on my secondary internet home, but that place gets to be very draining after a while. I'm glad Head-Fi is back and that I have a community of nice people to talk to again.
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Originally Posted by ken36 View Post
Obsessed about my beloved Cowboys.
bought a new car.
Got directv.
Bought a Garmin nuvi 350
New cell phones
Now your money can go toward a proper direction again.
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Surfed Audiogon,AudioAsylum for my audio gear related research and began becoming more involved with my Celtics Basketball related forums, while likewise as many, becoming more worried at the Head-Fi update noted Nov 18th not being updated...

Also traveling over to the DarkSide of the WWW all to often
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Got K701 and RP21, finished Super Paper Mario and Metroid Prime 3 on Wii... hmmm... Listened music (obviously), lurked some other headphone forums, checked if Headfi would be back up twice a day... I guess that sums it up pretty nicely.
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I visited some other headphone/audio-related boards only to find that I missed this place even more.
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I missed this place tremendously. I do have to say that I did get a lot more work done. I also paid more attention to what was on the T.V. However, I was also a lot more stressed-out...I'm glad that we're back!
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* Listened to music.
* Browsed other forums (B&B, HydrogenAudio, MozillaZine, ...).
* Maintained other hobbies.
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I tried to figure out what it meant that I missed the head-fi community so much. As with the "What is the meaning of life" question, I didn't get very far. What is the meaning of life with head-fi?

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Visited the JREF Forums more frequently, and realized it is another excellent place to hang out at too, highly recommended.
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Enjoyed listening with my new Corda Arietta and being impatient waiting for my HD-650s
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Did some shopping on Ebay.
I was more productive at work.
Had an MRI done to see if I have an acoustic neuroma.
Realized there's a lot more to life than the Internet.
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