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asked them to confirm that my unit has high gain and for their shipping address (lost it) last night and got this, With no address.

Hello, Paul,
According to our record, you get one of the High gain setting D2. We are discussing a solution for you guys. I will get back to you later.

iBasso Audio
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Apparently they know which one is high gain and which one is low gain.

I have emailed them about differentiating each other and apparently they do a series of test before shipping out and they keep track of the record number or something.
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Anyone get info from iBasso on what address to send the D2 back at, and how they are going to reimburse you for the shipping?
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Was going to send mine back ASAP, but after getting this reply (see above), i guess I will wait, don't know what would keep me from not returning it. I would also like the mailing address.
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