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Originally Posted by yuheng View Post
i was told that d1 will be continued even d2 is out
Why would they stop D1? The D1 seems to be a different beast than the D2 as it has other inputs and such. It doesn't seem like the D2 will be an upgrade, per se, over the D1.
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It has to be an upgrade from D1 if it's meant to be a Pico competitor IMO
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It is a different unit. It is a usb type device vs a usb, optical and coax in dac. It is smaller than the D1 but the amp section is going to be very, very good.
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This ibasso D2 looks really interesting. I emailed Ibasso with a few recommendations and here's their reply.

Thank you for your great suggestions.
We have already got a WM8741 sample,and we will try it on the D2 2nd prototype. The price of WM8741 is much expensive. Anyway, we guarantee the price of the D2 will be sub $200. Regarding to the op amp rolling suggestion, if we make it to be a DIP socket design, the length of the D2 will be 15mm longer than the current one. We would like to start a poll on our website about this, since we got many emails suggest D2 to be a DIP socket design. So, if the DIP socket design is achieved at the expense of 15mm longer of the enclosure, do you still want the DIP socket design?

Best Regards,
iBasso Audio
For those who don't know what the WM8741 is, it is the newly announced wolfson flagship chip and is a drop-in replacement for the previous-generation WM8740.

Here's a link to the articles:
Wolfson unveils 'best sounding' audio DAC | Audio DesignLine
DAC suits high-end audio: News from Wolfson Microelectronics

MrMarrayo, Jam, Hiflight, etc...Ibasso can really use some recommendations on the development of the D2. We actually don't need the Opamp rolling if you guys can come up with a great set of opamps (like the ones in the Ibasso D1).
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OMG, sub $200, much cheaper than I thought, only 40% of a Pico
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15mm is a -very- small price pay to pay for the convenience of DIP sockets.

Sub-$200, ey? That's a very competitive price, but I wonder if it can perform? If the D1 is any indication, I'd say yes.
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Less than $200? This would be a no brainer...
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Originally Posted by Cankin View Post
It has to be an upgrade from D1 if it's meant to be a Pico competitor IMO
Just because it's a Pico competitor doesn't make it an upgrade. Not trying to put anyone down or anything, but it seems like it's a different unit from the D2. Should have called it something else IMO.
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Well... It would probably be a good alternative to leckerton's UHA-3... I was gonna get the UHA-3 but I guess i'll wait a little more to see how the D2 will perform...
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The sub-200$ price tag is really competitive. It looks like that I have to delay my plan to buy a new amp for my cowon D2. Maybe a double-D2
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How come discussion on this has stopped? Things were just starting to get interesting.

(I just found out about the iBasso D2 today.)

I wonder if their 'guaranteed under $200' claim is with the WM8741 or not. It'd be nice to see them use the flagship chip and keeping the price low.

I also believe that the extra 15mm in length is worth it for the DIP socket design. The D1's heart and soul was its modding abilities, and the D2 should be no different.
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Well having the ability to change opamps does keep it ahead of the crowd. I know they are going all out on the D2 from what I have read.
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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
Well having the ability to change opamps does keep it ahead of the crowd. I know they are going all out on the D2 from what I have read.
I am expecting iBasso to use the 4-channel architecture of the P2 amplifier in the amp section of the D2. I have been able to achieve a better overall sound from the P2 than the D1, but this has been after much experimentation. The potential is better with this design, I believe.
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While it will be up to everyone's ears, I suspect the sound of the D2 should be one heck of a bang for the buck if the P2 and D1 are any indication.
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I've heard that the D2 will be released at the end of January. If it is really sub-200, that will be a must-buy
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