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Ibasso D2..

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some R&D info released by ibasso forks....

i guess it is to vs pico..

D2 R&D Report
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Hmm, no SPDIF in...
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I am on the list to receive one.
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From what I understand the price will be very inviting.
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yeah, it is reduced in sizes, and i hope it will have some sound improvement
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i was about to ask which one sounds better?? or are they even out for sale??
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I don't think the D2 is an improvement on the D1 is it?
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no, just smaller without the optical and coax, from what I have heard.
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So if its smaller, any loss on sound quality?
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If it sounds the same I'ld pick one up over the D1 as I don't need optical or digital coax inputs
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The D2 isn't going to be the version that is being discussed here. The name of the unit will be different. The D2 will have different opamps and buffers than the D1 but it will still be the same unit.
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Which D1?

Confusion sets into my fuzzy brain. To which D1 are we referring to here? My 11/07 D1 seems to have different opamps and buffers than the earlier D1.

Still burning in. Using optical cable with MacBook Pro. Sounds pretty good to my uneducated ears.
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From iBasso's R&D report:

After the D1, we have been working on the project of D2, an ultra portable USB-DAC/Amp combo, which has PCM2706+WM8740+ 4 Channels headphone amp design. It also has I2S interface, Gain switch. The size is 80*50*20mm. This project will be completed soon since it is much easier than the D1. The production should be released in January. Suggestions are very welcome.
Isn't that the same thing the Pico is using?
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I suspect that the Pico will be in for some stiff competition!
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I know, I read the report also. But sometimes the information is different when something comes out.
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