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Jeev's ES7 Headband Mod

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Here is a little mod I did to increase the comfort level of the ES7 headband.
I know the Beyer ones might fit, but for those of you who don’t wanna spend so much, find it bulky or go through the hassle of actually looking for it and getting it shipped and all that, here is a simple fix.

I got this cloth fridge door holder thingy and used it for my mod. I did it to increase comfort as well as stop my mildly oily head messing up the black soft plastic headband.

I got mine at Carrefour. Basically any hypermarket will do. Look in the kitchen accessories dept or the household items section.

These fridge cloth thingies came as a pair but I only put one on, it’s very comfy now, I don't even feel the headband now. If you want to fit both, it should not be a problem, depends on the length of your headphone band (if you use any other headphone). I find that just one is enough for the ES7.

Here is how they look:

It has Velcro on it for you to it to lock in place. Place the smooth part so that it sits on your head. I stuffed some tissue inside the thingy, look closely and you'll see it. Basically you stuff the tissue/cloth/sponge inside there to make it as bloated/fat comfy as you want. Stuff it to match your head shape and comfort level.

I also took some socks (new ones, in case you were wondering ) and cut them up into a rectangle. Then I rolled them up and stuffed them under the ES7 pads. Increases comfort and reduces bass boomy~ness by oh soo little. But I noticed it anyway, YMMW. Here is a pic:

Do all these in addition with bending the metal headband (http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...hlight=ES7+mod ) and you’ve got yourself a sweet pair of cans.

Just thought I’d share this with you guys.
Cheap, simple to do and you can choose your own colours/style.
Hope you found this post helpful.
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interesting mod, this may be unrelated, but what is that white stuff inside your ear cups?
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Its socks, lol, read that bit just before that pic. LOL
Its explains why i stuffed socks in there... LOL
Basically I found the ear pads too flat.
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oh I see, must have glanced over that haha. I was assumin the socks where used under the kitchen pad thing to increase comfort
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nice...but im not gonna wear them in public =)
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I don't wear them in public anyway. That's what my IEMs are for.

I know its looks sloppy, but I didn't give any attention to presentation as I only use it at home. Maybe you guys might be able to find a black one instead.

Oh well, at least it matches my bed sheet. LOL
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