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new problems

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ever since I discovered the problems with my mg head things have been snowballing out of control in my system. after the replugging and deplugging of everything I now have hum in my headroom little amp, it hums especially loud when I physically touch the amp and quiets down a bit when I am not touching it. What the hell is going on in my house? And what is the fix? Am I talking power conditioner here? what kind? how much to spend for a modest system? what do you guys think?

this is really getting annoying, I never had any of these problems until two days ago, and here I am like a noob asking all kinds of stupid questions!!! help!!!! the whole systems breakin down!!!
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As a last resort call in an electrician? Maybe your house has faulty wiring?

Sounds like you may have a ground loop (which isn't an easy problem to remedy right off the bat.)

Have you tried a cheater plug? (2 pin plug with no ground pin)
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Re; new problems

Do you have a turntable in the system? Thay are well known for creating hum problems. If so, unplug it .

Do you have one of those yellow circuit tester thingies with the three lights? You get them at the hardware store. Just plug it in and it troubleshoots your household wiring. The sequence of lights shows if there are any problems.

This sounds to me like a ground loop. try lifting the ground of one component, ie, plug it in with a cheater. If you already have a 2 pin plug, then try grounding the case of one component.

It's possible an interconnect could be faulty, so try switching interconnects.

That should keep you busy for a while! Good luck.
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Also try unplug everything, no source etc and just listen to the MG Head.
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The best way to determine the cause of the problem is to start right at the beginning. Unplug everything and just listen to the amp on its own. Then plug in your CDP and once again just listen to the amp. Then connect the CDP to the amp with your interconnect and listen to the amp. Keep building up the system bit by bit and keep listening to the amp until you hear the problem.

That way, you will identify exactly which is the offending link in your chain.

If all else fails, you might want to plug your amp into another socket in the house and repeat the process.

Your problem definitely sounds like a ground loop issue and they can be really frustrating to deal with.

Good luck.
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This one might be the problem you identified with the MG Head. I don't remember reading if you ever got that hum in another room of the house, or just where it is located. You originally stated that you went upstairs with the MG and the problem went away, but I don't remember if you said whether or not it came back.

When I had a hum in my RKV that went away it was a problem with the ICs, so I would definitely make sure all those are hooked up properly to both ends of your ICs. Mine were hooked up weirdly to my RKV, and the hum would get worse when I touched certain things, and better for others, and then came back to a normal hum when I let go.

Try this: run a long extension cord from another room on another breaker, and plug only the headphone amp into it. Did the problem go away? If so, it's a ground problem somewhere in your system. If it didn't go away, try taking the amp to another room of the house, but not the one where you plugged the ext. cord into. Did the problem go away? If so, again, ground loop or grounding problem in the room(s). If it didn't go away, you need to call an electrician. There may be a problem with your house's grounding system that could cause some pretty serious damage to your equipment since it might not be grounded properly when it needs it.

Another method would be to only unplug one component at a time, all the while listening for the hum in the amp. If you unplug something and the hum goes away, you've found the component introducing the hum.

do you have anything that runs intermittently on that circuit like a dehumidifier, sump pump, fridge, etc? If so, see if there is a correlation between when that item is on and the hum comes into your amp.

Man, let us know how things go. We want you to be happy and contentedly using your equipment, so let us know what you find as you go.
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thanks again for the replies guys, I tried a cheater plug for my amp and that seems to be working for the time being. we'll have to wait and see what happens with the mg head, it should arrive in canada at divergent today hopefully, then by tomorrow I should have some idea if there was something wrong or if it's a problem with the wiring in my house, although I can't for the life of me figure out why it worked so good for so long and then out of nowhere it takes a dump on me! just a waiting game now....
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