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3 reasons I use linux (ubuntu):

1) apt-get install x/y/z - so much easier than searching the net for a program. Also means every application on the system is updated centrally without having every updater under the sun running at startup.

2) Security - I work in IT, virus protection is an essential but it slows our machines down so much! Linux means I can work quickly and safely, no tradeoffs.

3) Simplicity - Gnome gets out of my way while I'm working. That's what a desktop should do.
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Because MS Windows comes preinstalled on ~85% of all computers.
The rest of us run Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, *BSD, ...
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I don’t use Windows, I love my MacBook Pro.
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Originally Posted by aureus View Post
I don’t use Windows, I love my MacBook Pro.
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I use windows because there are no drivers for my creative soundcard...
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May I ask what I can not do with Windowns that I need another OS, than besides of non being familair with, they have no software to choose from in the martket nowdays (with just a few exceptions) and upgrades are a pin in the neck, and peformance are still very far from being close if you put together a killer PC...

Professinal use? Gimme a break we have in my office hundreds of PC working fine till today, all Windows XP based, not a single mac, not a single linux based machine...it seems that still they do not need it. It is one of the biggest glass companies in US BTW, with more than 150 years of operations, the servers are literally covering a wall the size of my apt...
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I use Windows on my main PC (gaming), Linux on my laptop, and Linux on my servers.

And I have to say, every OS blows. There is something wrong with every single one of them.

Most people use Windows because they don't know anything else.
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I moved from XPpro to Vista Ultimate on my desktop, from XPpro to Vista Business on my notebook and my wife did the exact same thing with both of her's. We have not had one bit of trouble with any of our systems. Notebooks we buy, PCs I build myself. Vista is much better than the naysayers are preaching. I would never go back to XPpro. We use Office 07 and it works great as well. Just like the upgrade from 2000 to XP, there will always be those that hold out for a while before upgrading. That is totally normal. If I had to sum up "Why do people use Windows?", I would say that it is always familiar, friendly and gets the job done. Vista takes that a few steps further and ups the user's GUI experience and makes things more customizable.
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I loved ubunu, until the current release came out, and bogged my system down... and then it wouldnt start... i had a little more luck with pclinux, but supprisingly, they arent as snappy as windoze XP pro. I still dual-boot though, and am loving Amorak exaile! and rythmnbox much much more than any windoze programs. Maybe its just bad hardware support? Any help would be nice. Cant wait for new ATi drivers... i think that may be the bottleneck

System Specs -
Processor - P4 Northwood 2.8 ghz
Mobo - Intel D875PBZ
Ram - Kingston Valueram, 1 gig
Video - Raedon x1650pro GDDR3
Sound - Some ancient Creative product
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Games & Software compatibility. I use linux live CDs when my Windows installation goes boom
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Enjoyed the read.

I use ArchLinux and it handles "almost" all my needs. I use Arch for my PVR and Music needs. Well, actually all my computer needs with two exceptions. I've never found a linux equivalent for Quicken and TurboTax. Oh, btw, I run Windows from within VirtualBox so I don't even have to reboot my computer the 3 or 4 times a year when I need the aforementioned windows programs.

I changed over to Linux probably 5 years ago. Stability was a problem and I went looking for an alternative. I used a lot of different distros until I settled in on ArchLinux.

I'm a bit of a Linux Fanboy, but, I try to keep it in check.
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I find Window acceptable for everyday use, especially since it doesn't crash as it used to (Win 95).
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Since we appear to have a bunch of linux users in this thread . . .

Is there a distro out there that's literally the absolute bare minimum you need for a functional system without resorting to a bootstraped compiler? When I say bare minimum, I mean the kernel, a shell (preferably bash), and gcc.
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I run FreeBSD on all of my machines. Other than games (which I have an Xbox 360 for), it meets all of my needs.
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As for the OPs concerns about EAC and Foobar, luckily you can run both in Wine. However, if you're looking for Linux native apps, Rubyripper is probably your best choice for ripping and Amarok/Banshee/Rythmbox are worth checking out for playback.
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