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Earphones in DUBLIN

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Hi folks I recently broke my triple fi earphones. Do somebody know where I could buy some kind of good phones here in Dublin???
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Peats stock a range of phones. Tower records in suffolk street too and Cloney audio out in Blackrock sell sennheiser.

Realistically though, to get decent prices you are looking at ebay or the web and getting them shipped in.

I think I saw some Shures in Tower and they had Goldring IEMs too, but I was shocked at the price of the shures, so they must have been dear!

What were you thinking of?

Fran - outside Naas, 25 miles from Dublin!
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well i am searching for ultimate ears again, some suggestions?
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Dont think you will find anything in Ireland. Mail order from UK is probably the way to go if you can do it. HeadPhoneworld.com have a good selection, I got my Senn HD650's from them. Not cheap but a very good service.
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I happened to be in PC World in Naas today and they had UE 2.1 (is it called metro fi?).

That was as high as they went though and I didn't get to ask for a price.
German ebay (ebay.de) tends to be one of the better ones with reasonable shipping.

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thanks fran, i have ordered them on a slovak on line store

where do you buy your stuff here?
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Have you had a look here:


Apple store Ireland this is where I got my super.fi 5 EB from and they have free shipping.

€169 I think that was a fair price?
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