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After some extended listening to a MG Head OTL, RKV Mk II, and Melos SHA-1 this weekend, I'd say the the RKV produced bass that I found the most pleasing.

The bass from the RKV (listening done with HD-580's with Clou Blue) seemed controlled, not too bloated, but very powerful and present. The extension into the lower octaves was very good. The bass also didn't overpower the midrange, as the bass in the MG Head sometimes would.

I thought the bass from the Melos sounded best when paired with the RS-2's, compared to the HD-600's with Cardas. With the 600's, I found the bass a little bloated and uncontrolled. It seemed to be too big, not natural sounding. But when I plugged the RS-2's in, the bass became tight and sweet sounding. Also, the combination of the RS-2's and the Melos overall was incredible. I felt the Melos did a good job of taming some of the harshness that I have found the top of the line Grados to have. With the Melos/RS-2 combo, the top end was beautifully detailed, clear and clean, without being harsh or grating.

I listened to the Blockhead a while ago at the Headroom tour, and when Tyll tossed in an album to show of the dynamics and speed of the Blockhead, I was very impressed. I listened to the Blockhead against the Orpheus and I must say the Blockhead kicked the pants off the Orpheus in terms of the ability to handle the transients of the funk music that Tyll was playing. The bass response on the Blockhead was much better as well; tighter, more impactful, cleaner.

I also listened to the W1000's with a Headmaster a while back, and I remember thinking to myself "That is some serious bass!"

I'd like to do a head to head comparison of the Corda HA-2/Prehead, Headmaster, Gilmore v2, RKV, Melos, and Blockhead sometime, as I think those would be the leaders in terms of "good bass" Maybe at the upcoming NY meet??
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