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NAD C350 or C320BEE?

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I'm in sort of a weird situation where I am able to get either of these at the same price. I know the C350 has slightly more power, but are there other sonic differences I should be aware of? I've searched the internet, but have found very little in solid comparisons (only found a thread where one guy said the C350 was the best NAD ever). I'm interested in hearing some first hand opinions. Just for more information I'm using them to drive my NSM Model 5's which are 86db sensitivity with a rated 25-150W. Thanks for all your help!

Please forgive me if these are in the wrong forum.

PS. What are the thoughts on the headphone section of these amps?
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Don't you mean the C352? I don't know about the C350, but I have the C352 and the headphone output on it is very good, almost as good as the X-Can v3 I used to own. I tested with the HD25 and the HD650.
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Alley, I think if you search NAD archives and reviews you will find all the NAD BEE gear to be built on the highest order and why they get the Bjorn Erik Edvardsen B double E's on the end.

Mich, the C350 is the predecessor of your C352;-)

IMHO the C320BEE at 10 watts less is a far superior and twice the amp the C350 is. Go out to the NAD website and look up product info under support and read about these 2 amps. I will tell you C320BEE's do not last long on A-goN if that's any help;-)
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In that case, I'd go for the C320BEE too.
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Yea, I've read that the C352 was better than the C325BEE, so I was wondering it that held true for their predecessors. I was looking at the datasheets on NAD site, but unfortunately I'm unable to thoroughly understand what I should be comparing. Both amps have great reviews on audioreview.com so I was pretty undecided. If you know what I should be looking out for on the datasheets please enlighten me. Thanks for your responses!
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The BEE series was intended to be and is in a lot of NAD circles the Audiophile version of a particular NAD piece hence the BEE nomanclature.

I don't want to take anything away from the C350 or 352 as they are fine Inty's in their own right but you won't be able to tell any difference in that 10 watts but you will be able to here the difference in the two amps if you had them side by side.

You need to go with the one you like the best yourself as I don't believe either will dissapoint but when it comes to re-sale your BEE gear will hold more and longer value IMHO.

As far as what you have read about the C352 over the 325BEE you can probably find reviews with opposite feelings;-)

This is quoting straight off the NAD C 320BEE page "The BEE version includes many circuit upgrades and refinements" which some consider just a way of asking a larger price tag but I think if you'll do more research into the BEE models you'll find they are the most regarded;-)
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I really appreciate your help and comments, thanks!
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The BEE lines for NAD are the lowest priced units they sell. That being said, they are still NADs, and still high quality. The 320BEE amp is 50 watts a channel, the 350 is 60 watts. Both are one generation old (320BEE --> 325BEE, and 350--> 352), but I'm pretty sure the 350 came out before the 320BEE.

Since these are older amps, I'm not sure which is better. It could well be, no pun intended, that the BEE is better than the 350. But given the choice of a new 352 or a new 325BEE - All the reviews I've read clearly pointed to the 352 as having more power, and fuller sound especially in the bass. I have heard both of these newer models, but to be honest don't remember coming to a conclusion myself (and wasn't trying to)
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