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Originally Posted by ceres View Post
There seems to be some misunderstanding. What I meant was the test equipment used allows for very accurate assays. The results that the touch delivered were bad, indeed.
Ok, ha, then I understand
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Originally Posted by Gino View Post
Having accepted its sound limitations, my ears simply acclimatize to its sound signature. When I stop being critical and simply listen to relax, it does a fine job. Though I am picky with songs it can render well.
For me this is the case with most audio-stuff, if i'm not critical I can enjoy music from a standard FIAT radio.
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Wonder if the new models announced recently improve sound but most likely it's the same hardware. I think there was only a firmware update which was probably for the video rental thingy.
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ive never seen tests like this: if it were that bad, it would sound very poor, not very like the d2. my personal tests will have to wait until leapard 10.5.3 or so, but i will prove with the same equipment that it and the fantastic d2 are very similar to measured performance - meaning that the d2 or any player would look like that graph depending on how you want to measure it. or what you want to prove
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Originally Posted by doomlordis View Post
1. Connect to your iPod touch via SFTP
2. copy the following file over to your desktop: /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/RegionalVolumeLimits.plist
3. You should see a lot of keys (F, Z, ZD, etc...) with a value of 0.82999999 (or 0.83)
4. Change the value of all keys to "1"
5. Save the file
6. Upload to the original file location on your iPod
7. Power off the iPod (using the red slider) and turn it back on.
8. Enjoy loud music.
I do all the steps, but in the RegionalVolumeLimits.plist file I see the letters like (F, Z, ZD, etc...) without any values...
Strange, what this means.
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I believe restoring to US firmware will remove the limit. Find the firmware, 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 if you don't intend to Jailbreak. Backup up. Then press iPod home key and connect to iTunes. When Restore appears, release the home button. Click<option>+Restore. Then choose the firmware you downloaded. Create a new user. Then sync.
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Well, I have compared several ipods (3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, nano 2G) through the dock line out. I did it with shures e4cs and e500s with a Corda Move.
In my opinion, the Touch has one of the best line outs, if not the best. I will go even further. There is only a small difference between this and an iMod. iMod is more refined, but it has worse bass. It will be surprising for some of you, but this is my opinion.
I have to say that I do not have a very high opinion of the iMod in the first place. I find it inferior than a headroom microdac or a regular cd player, for example. In my opinion it is only a little better than an iPod.
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I have the Ipod Touch (totally jailbreaked and volume hacked). I have used the Shure E500's, Etymotic ER4P's and the wonderful UE Triple.Fi 10's and I think it's one of the nicest sounding MP3 players I've heard.

For the record I have a 5.5 80gb IPOD and in the past I have had the amazing Nomad Jukebox 3 (without a doubt the best sounding MP3 player that's ever been made) and the Ipod Touch can definitely hold it's head up with the best.

A couple of points. The supplied Apple earphones are not bad but the machine should definitely not be assessed for sound quality by just using these phones. Through top end phones you get a top-end sound. Also, I think the line-out is very pure.

BTW - anyone who has one of these wonderful devices should definitely think twice before 'updating' their Touch with 1.1.3 - from what I'm reading it's a definite step backwards compared with jailbreaking - be warned - you're going to feel so embarrassed comparing your 1.1.3 'official' machine with a jailbreaked version.
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The touch sounds just like an 5- 5.5 G ipod, that is very detailed and flat across the spectrum. I think it sounds incredible with the right cans and files. A bit hissy though, but an amp or less sensitive cans can solve that
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Is it true that Apple is charging $20 bucks for a firmware upgrade on the iTouch? One that just unlocks features that are already on it?
Wow, bad precedent.
Who's the evil empire now?
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Originally Posted by Night Surfer View Post
Is it true that Apple is charging $20 bucks for a firmware upgrade on the iTouch? One that just unlocks features that are already on it?
Wow, bad precedent.
Who's the evil empire now?
Yep, got to love them trying to rip you off.
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It's very interesting reading both sides of the coin on this issue. One point I heard on a podcast this week was maybe Apple is testing the waters with selling their updates through the store. But why are iphone and apple tv users not getting charged, just ipod touch users?
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Firmware update 1.1.3 is free. I have no details on what it provides. I suppose just retail privileges in iTunes. The 5 iPhone apps are sold exclusively for $20. There is an online petition right now. For what it is worth, sign up now.

Many people are appalled by the announcement perhaps out of principle rather than cost. Like them, I too believe that the iPod Touch should be treated as a gadget and not a platform for selling software.

I can understand paying for a ground breaking new OS or app for example (e.g- from Tiger to Leopard) but not for apps that were obviously kept on bay for marketing reasons.
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I'm not bagging on the Touch, first off. When I was browsing stores trying out DAPs, I hit a major road block with the Touch.

There it was, sitting in all its glory on a dock...with an album picture of Macy Gray and a random error message along the top! I asked a store employee if there was some way to fix it so I could play with it, but they couldn't get it to work. Oh well.

The Samsung P2 they had on display worked and guess which DAP I ended up with? :-)
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Probably a gimmick so that people don't mess with it.
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