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This is the ticket!!!!!!!!!


The slipping earpieces on my 325's was driving me NUTS!!!.....
And they're NEW.....it could only get worse I'm sure.
I tried wrapping sports tape above the plastic.......gradually it slipped to the top.
I tried ski wax to add a little sticky friction to them.....didn't work.
I tried cleaning the plastic housing with contact cleaner.....No change.
I thought about jamming a toothpick in there but the tolerance is too tight.
I was prepared to take them to work and rough them up with a mill file....or a blow torch.....weld on them and chip the slag off for some kind of friction.......anything to keep them from slipping so bad.
It seemed as though they would even slip while lying flat on the table.

I was pulling my hair out with these damn things slowly slipping, slipping, slipping every time I tried to enjoy listening to them.....until I saw it was as easy as ordering a few set screw collars from a hobby shop.

Thanks for saving me from having to can these cans and go to some 650's!!!
I'm doing the same for the RS-1's whether they need it or not.
Grado, are you listening??
This is a SUPERIOR idea!!
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Bumping thread; I've got a question for anyone that's using the 1/8" brass collars linked on page 1: what's the size number of the little black screws that go into those collars?

I'm using just one collar and rod and it's working very well, but those little black screws potrude a bit on mine and stub against the headband, stopping the cups from rotating fully unless I continue pushing firmly, which is awesome.

So I want to try and find tiny thumb-screws that would fit in these collars. Since they'd potrude more I imagine they'll totally stop the cups from spinning and also be easier to adjust since I won't need an Allen key.

I suppose I could just take the screws to the hardware store and ask for a match, they're so tiny though and I'd probably lose them just carrying them there.

Thanks for reading.
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I know it is 3-4 years later, but this is still a great little mod. I got 2 1/8" shaft collars and 50 O rings off of ebay for about $15 total (delivered to the house). The collars are black so they look really slick on my SR-80's. The rods were getting really loose and tangling the cord. This mod makes them fit on my head perfectly. I prefer the quarter modded comfies on my SR80's and the bowls (washed in detergent) on my SR225i's.

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Great mod and thanks for sharing :)

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