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I saw The Amityville Horror last night. What a shoiting bad movie jeezzz haha. Leave the horrorgenre up to the Korean/Chinese/Japanese people; they know how to make it work.
So, 0/10 that bad.
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True Romance. Tarantino flick, waay better than Reservoir Dogs IMO.
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American Gangster. ***1/2 Excellent. Never bored the entire 2.75 hours.
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Being John Malkovich - 9/10

A very entertaining and deep movie, I went in thinking it was going to be strange and ok. The humor at the beginning is spot on and as the film progresses it slowly gets darker with a very depressing ending. A movie that I am thinking about constantly days after viewing.
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Oceans 13 - waaaay better than that rubbishy Oceans 12 (stink)

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Children of Men - 5.5

I thought the premise was awesome, but they did almost nothing with it. It's basically an escape movie. The story just sorts of ends without explaining anything. The cinematography was good, and some scenes were quite enjoyable, but overall I found myself looking at my watch 1/3 in.

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Across The Universe
Easily one of the best, most enjoyable movies I've seen this year!
9.5/10 If you like the Beatles at all, you've GOT to see this flick.
Great interpretations of their music and the '60's.
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The Departed. Too violent and too many cell phones. I give it two rotten bananas.
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The Thing


pretty enjoyable flick, especially for the creature-attack premise it works from.
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Is this 1-10 scale, really a 5-10 system? There are an awful lot of 8/9s.

Anyway, using a proper curve, the films I saw last week -

8 - Peter Brook's 1963 Lord of the Flies
7 - Martin Scorsese's 2005 No Direction Home
6 - David Fincher's 2007 Zodiac
5 - Joon-ho Bong's 2005 Gwoemul/The Host

Gwoemul was chosen as a Halloween film, fun in its Korean-ness, and pretty far from great in most considerations. I'm not sure why anyone makes film recreations like Zodiac, but it captured a time and place I happen to be interested in and was well executed. No Direction Home was rewatched in preparation of I'm Not There, and is I think underrated. It certainly changed the way I thought of Dylan. Brook's Lord of the Flies captures the story so very well and it being 'dated' actually helps its English class subtext. Pretty amazing and great to watch around Halloween.

The two I can recommend...

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A 12 year old boy's wet dream. Not so much for me.
It sucked just about as hard as I suspected it was going to. A completely forgettable movie. I would have been pretty pissed off if I had to pay to see this movie in any capacity. But since I 'acquired' it for free, it rates at about a 2/10 because of the effects and the chick. I wish I could get that 2+ hours of my life back. If you do decide to torture yourself with this film, just fast forward through it and watch the chick and the special effects. Good movies are going the way of the buffalo, it would seem. I weep for Hollywood.
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All the President's Men - 8.5/10
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I recently purchased Blazing Saddles in HD for my new dvd player. I've seen it before and it's still easily one of the funniest movies ever made. 9/10.

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i watched funny games (original not US remake) yesterday, and i thought it was swell.

very cool once it dawns on you what is happening.

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