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Hey guys...glad to see the movie talk is still flowin' in here!


Some recent scores from yours truly: 


"No Escape"...critics did NOT like this, but the people did. Unrealistic as hell, but I admit, I was entertained in a big way. 7.9/10


"Paterson"...I'm biased. Jim Jarmusch is my favorite director. 8.7/10


"Love and Mercy"...Cusack was a bad choice....just could never stop thinking it was Lloyd Dobler after a medical event. Still, good film. 7.5/10


"Arrival"...FAR more involved and complex than I expected going in...I really enjoyed this one a lot...8.3/10


"Bluejay"...This is my surprise of the past month or so. Sarah Paulson is so adorable. This is the type of indy relationship film I love. 9.3/10


"Sing Street"...another indy surprise that I really fell in love with. The kind of film that has you cheering for the characters. 9.2/10


"Loving"...a film I was very eager to see, but it felt disjointed and apathetic. A disappointing 7.1/10