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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: 5/10

Brief thoughts:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The plot is substantially misleading and undercooked in my opinion, we get drawn into the film with Scamander's fascination for magical creatures and changing popular opinion about them. This is somewhat of a waste of time since it's just a facet of Redmayne's character which felt as if its only reason to be involved with the film was so Graves had a scapegoat to blame for the destruction Credence was doing.

Since I already mentioned Credence and the long winding participation of Newt's pets, I want to talk about his storyline. This is the part I was referencing when I spouted out the word "undercooked". The plot dwells for so long, and with overbearing importance, on getting the creatures back in the case, that the only real interaction we have with this possessed boy is tiny scenes where he meets up with Graves, or when his mother (who is an absolute bitch) mistreats him. This little backstory ultimately leads to an extremely thin character who has no importance or meaning to us, whose death is handled in less than 5 minutes and seems to offer no real effect on the story itself. Well, I think I get my point across, the plot is incredibly flawed and PREDICTABLE; The cliches of exchanging suitcases without noticing, having to wipe someone's memory because they shouldn't have found out about certain things, the man who takes advantage of a troubled child to gain from his power, etc.

I must mention, that I'm secretly an Eddie Redmayne admirer, and even though this wasn't a good movie, he saved a lot of it for me, I thought his acting was deserving of praise and should be excused from the movie's flaws. My only complaint could be that when he had scenes with his giant eagle, you could tell he actually wasn't talking to his pet eagle, and it was a CGI bird, but I can see how that scenario would trouble Redmayne, as he's one of the more methodic actors alive, so having to work with an empty green screen isn't his best habitat.

Oh yes, and Yates' cinematography is great most of the time, although some scenes appear to be dull at times, but still, I give it a thumbs up.

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