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To bad do Dolph kick ass?

He lives alone in a prefabricated house near the lake. Some trouble makers come by and he gives them a moment to get out. They don't leave so they get the special treatment. 😃

Still waiting for the Shark Island Concentration Camp film? At it's peak of infamy in 1905 a movie about it would win my imagination over a rubber shark in a lake?
The women who are captured and not executed are set to work for the military as prisoners ... saw numbers of them at Angra Pequena (i.e., Lüderitz) put to the hardest work, and so starved that they were nothing but skin and bones [...] They are given hardly anything to eat, and I have very often seen them pick up bits of refuse food thrown away by the transport riders. If they are caught doing so, they are sjamboked (whipped).[16]

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The Martian 8/10 . 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Mark Damon 1/10 for his refusal to go down a single pound while supposedly starving himself for years and probably not wasting to much energy on situps. I guess he made some bourne movie at the same time? Incredible poor casting anyway with that in mind. The only thing they attempted would give him a beard in the very last scenes so lazy...
And the Nasas 180 degree switch on first waiting for several months for no real reason to declaring the guy is not dead to then broadcast a supposedly super risky rescue operation where everything can go wrong live :p.
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Sicario (2015) 7-6-5-4-3-2-1/10


OK here. Whats starts out to be a brutal crime film gradually goes downhill into an essentially procedural thriller. Trite "80's paranoia/Revenge" plot devices are a little stale and the film takes on the airs of the dark side of Traffic- the awful Soderbergh remake not the original Brilliant BBC miniseries that introduced Julia Ormond to the world with a stunning performance-. The cinematography is brilliant in this and that takes some of the pain out of what could have been a decent film with a little more work. I'm sure it will get rave reviews and go like gangbusters at the theatre.


Personally I have a hard time with any film that has not one single character with any redeeming values. If the entire cast had been killed off in the end I doubt anyone would have shed a tear.


Save your time and money and rent The Odessa File instead. A much better thriller  covering the "dupe gets recruited to do good"  theme.

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