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I'd say The Lego Movie is 100 times more "artistic" than Big Hero 6. Also Birdman is way too overrated.

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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post

Mr. Turner (2014): 9/10


The best British biopic of last year (far outclassing both Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything), and almost completely looked over at the Oscars. Damn you, Academy.


Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything have social ideological importance in them. Alan Turing was a gay and Hawking was disabled.

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I'm no film aficionado or anything like that but I do enjoy a good film. 


City of God (2002): 10/10


I'm pretty sure there are flaws but I just can't find them.


"Parecía un mensaje de Dios. 'Entérate, hombre, no rinde ser honesto.'"



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Originally Posted by 2015071 View Post

They chose Big Hero 6 rather than Song of the Sea or The tale of Princess Kaguya, which are artsier movies. In fact, the Oscars are just a joke these day.  

Better off by far watching foreign film awards, they give a far more realistic view on the world of cinema.


Still dying to see "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" but I suspect I am going to have to get it on disk when its released.


Obligatory review time.


Gransen aka Operation Polar Fuchs.    4/10 Swedish WWII actioner dealing with the border contention between Sweden and Occupied Norway. Sunday afternoon TV watch for when you have nothing better to do. All the right ingredients were there, but they got put in the wrong pots. The result is a film you want to root for but lets you down over and over. Cliche'd plotlines in what could have been a miles better film that may have answered the "what the hell was Sweden doing during the war" question.

. A better pick would be Finlands "Winter War".


This just in.

American Sniper killer gets life.

From the trial evidence. Text exchange between Chris Kyle and his friend. "Dude, this guy is straight up nuts"


"Watch my six"


So you're headed to a gun range with a guy you know is out of his mind. What could possibly go wrong there?

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"Citizen Four" [8.4/10]: This film just won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. I might have voted for "The Last Days Of Vietnam." However, with regard to content relevant to life in the modern world I would give "Citizen Four" a 10/10. I guess that from watching the news I knew that all of our communication was being recorded and stored, but actually gaining understanding of how it is done is scary. The film has given me pause to reevaluate my opinion about the actions of Edward Snowden. I probably just moved my name up on the watch list by expressing such an opinion (and that's no joke!), but there it is. I thought that the film might have been edited and filmed in a more skillful, professional manner. However, I suppose that considering the conditions and the urgency of the filming timeline, the lack of professional polish is to be expected. I wonder what Erroll Morris would have done with this film. I have seen better documentaries, but there are few that were more compelling, or that scared me more with regard to the future of American democracy.

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Big Hero 6 second run: 6/10

Wow, what a drop in rating!!! As big as the 2009 financial crisis!!!! Although the characters are likeable and Hiro's dealt with his brother's death is still top notch, I hated more on how force is Hiro's brother death and how disney obcessed on dead parent's. Also the predictable level's increased to a point it bores me. Guess one is enough for me...
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So I rented Birdman Wed night...I got about 20 min in when I looked over at the lady friend and said, "I'm really not connecting with this film...do you want to see Whiplash instead?"  She said "yes" somewhat emphatically, so we switched over and enjoyed Whiplash quite a lot. Birdman was a 48-hr rental, so I just sat down to finish it. I'm now about an hour in, and I'm STILL SO BORED. The direction is annoying, the characters are annoying, and I can't focus on the movie at all...I keep daydreaming. 


Anyway, I give Whiplash a solid 8.6/10 Fockers. 


Not sure if I'll finish Birdman or not...

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Funny how some movies absolutely nobody likes can win Oscars :)

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I was absolutely engrossed watching Birdman. It deserved to win. Whiplash was also good but I would rate it lower than Birdman.

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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

Funny how some movies absolutely nobody likes can win Oscars :)



Having a background in Psychology, I really was looking forward to this one...I did end up finishing it, and I enjoyed the 2nd half better than the first, but overall I still felt let down by it. 


I think this is one of the weaker best pic winners of the past couple decades...maybe 2nd only to Shakespeare in Love. 

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Aguirre, the Wrath of God ( 1972) 8/10


It is my first film by acclaimed German director Werner Herzog. It is a very clumsy movie on many departments. Cheesy and coarse implementation of philosophical ideas will not allow me to consider this film as a masterpiece. Nevertheless I watched the film with interest, the soundtrack was probably the best part of it. Actor Klaus Kinski made an impact. Though he played a Spaniard he looked like a German.Thoughts about Nazi Germany and it's leader were always in my mind during watching the movie given that the director was a German and that ideas about a tyrant-lunatic dreaming to conquer foreign lands felt like an allegory. If that movie wanted to portray general Western policy of colonialism which was pragmatic then how to interpret visionary lunacy of the protagonist? 

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There has been such rulers in every single country on earth though. Adolf Hitler is all but unique.

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