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Originally Posted by Focker View Post

He said a while back in the thread he's tired of big budget superhero films, yet keeps seeing them for some reason...:rolleyes:


Free tickets! 


Originally Posted by Zojokkeli View Post

5/10 would reflect average movie, not mean he hates it. I might watch Guardians of the Galaxy some time because of the hype, I just hope it turns out better than Avengers.


Thanks. Hate is too strong an emotion for something as trivial as light entertainment. Movie was fun in some parts but forgettable once you leave the cinema.

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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post

One can only hope:D



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Originally Posted by jay-w View Post


Free tickets! 





Ahhhh, there it is then :)

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Guardians of the Galaxy - 9/10


The fun, humor, characters, story, music/songs, and nostalgia = GREAT summer fun.  The Raccoon stole the show for me. I kind of miss my Sony Sports Walkman, but not all that hiss!

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Hundred Foot Journey - 9/10


Not very original at all, but I enjoyed every single minute of this movie. It's the kind of movie I like. Many would want to judge this movie before even seeing it.

Let's see...it's produced by Oprah and Spielberg and released by Disney...


I bought my mom a ticket to this and she likes it too.




Life Itself - 5.5/10


I always read Ebert's reviews and would check his website every Friday for new ones. I should have just read the book. OK, I feel kind of bad for giving it this score, but it was just tedious and boring.

I watched a movie on public television the day before and even felt that was much better. It was called "A friend Indeed" about Bill Sackter who lived in an institution for 44 years.

Wow, I just read that the movie was funded from a Kickstarter campaign!


Safety Last - 6/10


Old B&W silent film. Not funny at all for me and only slightly amusing. I'm a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin and Marx Brothers films though. Buster Beaten movies are definitely on my radar to see.



BBC's "The Iraq War" - 9/10


It's 3 hours long and found it very good. Not sure how accurate it is. There's so much stuff in here I wasn't even aware of. Wonder if there are any more like it?




Lost in America - 7.5/10


Wow, this used to be a favorite, but on this viewing it wasn't as funny. Maybe I was tired?

Love Albert Brooks movies and hope he makes another one eventually.

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Guardians of the Galaxy - 4/10:  too typical of Hollywood explosions, specials effects, boy-get-girl theme.  The story line is pretty predictable, nothing special.  


Hercules - 1/10: as bad as "After Earth."  I do like the Rock in his other movies: The Scorpion King, the Fast and the Furious, Snitch.  This movie's story line is somewhat empty.  Wondered what the movie was about after leaving the theater.


Hundred Foot Journey - 7/10: It's a feel good movie but the ending was too predictable.  I do like Helen Mirren and her attempt to speak French (an Oscar nomination possibly?).  Curious how Meryl Streep would play Madame Mallory with her mean demeanor as seen in "The Devil Wears Prada."             

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Under the Skin - 2/10  - Awful!  This movie reminded me of "Tree of life"  I know some people like movies like this but i don't at all.   


Scarlet was good, as always, but that's it. 

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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

Under the Skin - 2/10  - Awful!  This movie reminded me of "Tree of life"  I know some people like movies like this but i don't at all.   


Scarlet was good, as always, but that's it. 


+1, I find the movie to be utterly boring..

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Sophie's Choice - 7/10


What I initially figured would be yet another one of my fiancee's romantic comedies, turned out to be quite something else. Underlying darkness was evident after some time, and about half way in the film lays its real cards on the table. Meryl Streep was excellent as usual, with a bit bolder directing the movie could have easily been an 8/10.

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Non-Stop   Liam Neeson.  Some interesting twists, not as fun as Taken.  I do recall thinking - "I didn't see that coming"  which is always good.

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Boyhood (2014): 10/10


I don't think it'll convert people who don't much care for Linklater, but it can't help but impress, at least on a technical level. In its fly-on-the-wall specifics it finds paths by which to approach universal feelings and memories, and its technical and production details are, to put it mildly, epic. Boyhood is the new high standard for the coming-of-age film, and is all the more precious for its unique and risky approach to conveying the passage of time, despite which its approach is more subtle than one might expect. How can it possibly be topped? It's not quite a perfect film, in spite of my score--it does take a couple of cheap shots in order to generate humor, missteps exactly once with regards to plotting (near the end of the film), and features some slightly wooden performances (luckily all in minor roles). But its grand ambition, eye for detail, unassuming plotting, and the talent and chemistry (especially between Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke) of its central cast elevate the entire endeavor, and makes Boyhood at least the third masterpiece in Linklater's impressive career, following Waking Life and his 'Before' trilogy. See it!

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Boyhood - ??/10...hmm maybe a 6.5


Entertainment value: 4/10


MINOR SPOILERS and this "review" is all over the place. I'm tired.


It's hard to put into a score my opinion of this movie. I really didn't love it at all and don't know if I want to endure it again.

For me some scenes are just barely interesting enough to hold my attention. Why? Not sure since I have a super huge attention span. I think I could relate to a ton of things in here, but it just wasn't interesting enough for me.

Well, I was thinking...sure life isn't always fun and games and nonstop entertainment, so why should the movie be like this? So many scenes were just tedious but I can't say they were boring.

It felt like more than a few scenes were rather pointless. It's like they used so many things in "real life" that are dull and not important and skip over ones that should have been more interesting.

You often felt as if their life was in "easy mode". Not too many major difficulties. Maybe a hair cut and the alcohol problem. I'm glad they didn't turn it into a Lifetime TV channel movie.

There also is very few dramatic moments. When going through life how is that possible? The movie just didn't feel realistic and felt too scripted.


The scenes go from really good to really bad to REALLY awful. No scenes were great to me. One should have been chopped (involving lots of sex talk) because of such bad acting. For me the best scenes were when Ethan Hawke had a lot to say and they just let him do his thing. He's a really natural actor and whenever the non-actors were in a scene I felt their acting was just not good enough at all. It felt like they were just reading a script at times. Sure they're just kids but that's no excuse. The people giving this a high review MUST be very forgiving of poor acting. I'm not at all.


During the movie my brain was mostly in "suspend" mode. Not enough for me to think about. Here and there I was reminded of things in my past, but that's about it. I didn't really FEEL much of anything while watching it (which is rare for me).

One effective part is where the mother almost "loses it" when something "bad" happens. Somehow that instantly reminded me of things I had to deal with before and how it felt there was no way out of it.

I also wonder what it would feel like to have all your children move out if you're a single mother and have to live alone. I'd probably be a bit lonely or depressed at first. These parts in the movie reminded me of some Yasujiro Ozu movies where the old man has to marry off his daughter.


I also got the impression that the older the kids got the more they acted like zombies or that they disliked the world. They also talked a lot less.


The only character in the movie that had any real personality is Ethan Hawke and maybe the mother. The others are just dull. You really don't care much about them at all. The sister also magically disappears during the movie and shows up later.


I think this one will appeal most to people who grew up in the 80s. I remember and can relate to so many things in the movie. Felt like many people living in my area could to. I think people outside of the USA probably would not as much.


The movie is just so long and it drags on and on a bit. I was glad when it was over. The best thing I can say about it is that it DOES make you think, but more so AFTER you've seen the movie. I may want to see it again when it's on DVD.


I was actually shocked at the 99% score on Rottentomatoes.


This one also reminds me a little of "Tree of Life" which was a far better movie and it's a little more fun to watch. BTW if you want to see good acting from children who no experience, check into the films of Hirokazu Koreda. "I Wish", "Like Father, Like Son" and "Nobody Knows" are good examples. Yeah this movie reminded me of those a little too.


I'm also a huge fan of the "Midnight" series but "Waking Life" bored me to tears. I even drove 2 hours to see it (and got lost). I seriously love movies that are mostly talking.

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Originally Posted by tdockweiler View Post

 I seriously love movies that are mostly talking.


Check out Locke...

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Responding to tdockweiler's post:


It's weird that you didn't find it entertaining! Both the GF and I thought it could have been even longer, and we would have been fine with that. I also didn't have any problems with the film's realism--I think what you took for poor acting during the sex-talk scene I took for awkwardness, and what you took for a lack of drama I took for just the perfect amount of drama. Any more and it would have, as you put it, turned into a Lifetime movie. Ethan Hawke did obviously steal almost every scene he was in, but I thought the kids held their own pretty well. I did think it was unfortunate that the sister was a bit cut out toward the latter half of the movie (but she didn't magically disappear--she went to college), but would disagree with your characterization of Mason Jr. as zombified once he hits his teenage years. Indeed, he spends a lot of time talking about how he's doing his best to avoid becoming a zombie, and I didn't find his cynical attitude to be all that contrary with regards to my experience with teenagers--indeed, it even jives with my memory of being a teenager pretty well. He's trying to figure out who his is and who he belongs with, and every failure or perceived failure on his part or on the part of others just adds to his cynicism. I thought Ellar's acting (and the script) here were right on. And boo, I don't know how anyone who likes talky films could dislike Waking Life. After watching it for the first time I watched it twice more all the way through straight after--the only other film I've ever done that with was 2001.


Still, I'm appreciating seeing other opinions on this film. Thus far, I'd say it's the best movie I've seen on the big screen this year, and unless something else upsets it (really keeping my fingers crossed for Inherent Vice, which is by far my #1 anticipated film this year), so I could certainly use with some more down-to-earth opinions on it from people who didn't love it like I did. Even if I wind up just thinking said opinions are wrong. ^^ Thanks for the write-up!

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A trailer of a new Japanese movie The Torture Club ( 2014). 


Genre: comedy, romance :atsmile:


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