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Dawn of the planet of the apes


8/10. Very enjoyable. Perhaps made the monkeys a bit to human but it´s primarily those that been in direct contact a lot like Caesar which make kind of sense. 

If the sequel is going to be war, war, war I have trouble see how fun it could be. 

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How to watch a Michael Bay movie:


1. Find something hard. Not textbook hard, but HEAVY METAL HARD.


2. Pick it up.


3. Knock your head real hard until you can't think about everything but still retains vision and hearing.


4. Watch a good old Michael Bay movie.


5. Finish? Then GO **** YOURSELF AND DIE before he make another movie so you won't pay for his **** like a retard.

Try to watch battleship. Every Transformer movie looks very intelligent in comparison to this "thing".

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Battleship is brilliant. Just my form of humour that is the difference except for better directed action scenes and overall just better directing.


The concept is equally silly if not more that is no doubt lol.

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I really dont want to offend anyone but there are so many things that make no sense in this movie.


- Why does radio telecope shoot beam of light ? Thats not how it works.

- What were the aliens doing here on earth. They were only derping around destroyng telecomunication - for no reason. Not attacking people. Only defended themselves when people attacked. 

- Why were the aliens so lame. They had super crazy robots with thousands of misiles and stuff, and they were jumping in watter AND got destroyed with 1! rocket ! every single time! 

- When the barrier fell down and Liam Neeson said all planes in air (something like that) WHY DID NOTHING HAPPENED? 

- When they hit the working base near the satelites with that one rocket, why did everything explode ... literraly everything, for no reason.

- Why did crippler overweigh soldier defeat alien guy with KNIFE ? (WHY KNIFE?) in super armor AND what were all of the other aliens doing ??? running around looking at cables

And this is only tiny fraction of thing that make no sense in this movie. 

The thing that i dont understand the most is why did theya fight aliens that didnť want to fight and why there was not a single explanation of what the aliens actually wanted. 


I am sorry if you really like the movie, but i think it is really stupid and it makes no sense :D - Made only for money 


Edit : I shouldnt get so upset about a movie :D Its just my opinion. I get someone could like it. Its just not my thing

And sorry for grammar mistakes :D 

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I would say it´s made for entertainment and there is no story to destroy the pace. I have no idea why you where looking for realism or a coherent story telling in an action blockbuster movie :p.


It´s like a hamburger. It may not be all that elegant but it´s nice to just digest and you feel full after it. Not like soup or fish where you can eat half the pacific before getting full ;)

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I admit I enjoyed Battleship too lol. 


Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the ride and suspend your disbelief. You can't hold films to a standard they aren't trying to achieve. There is obviously a huge segment of the world's movie-going population that just wants to enjoy a mindless story with lots of shiny things that blow up to distract them from their lives for a couple hours. Personally I don't see anything wrong with that at all. 


There are plenty of alternatives for the more discerning film buffs out there...and I enjoy those, as well. 


Just my $.02 

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:D seems like i am alone on this one :D 

I think that for "pure entertainment" and fun effects you can find much better movies. 

I should probably rewatch pacific rim and all transformer movies becouse my opinion on this kind of movies apparently changed alot :D

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I'm with Martin on this one--I thought Battleship was abysmal, on the same level as the Transformers movies. I didn't find it to be particularly entertaining or thrilling--it just dragged on and on and eventually gave me killer headache. I agree that there's a place for good dumb blockbuster entertainment, but I don't think Battleship fits the bill.

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I don't think there's anything to be for or against, to be honest. Transformers is about to hit a billion dollars. People want to see movies like this, regardless of what we may think of them lol

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