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Rather than making individual posts, here are some ratings of movies that I've watched in the past few weeks:


Recently, I had the pleasure of watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's a bit of a sappy movie, but I wouldn't go out and label it as a chick-flick. The film is more geared toward budding young adults, but the rest of my family enjoyed it quite a bit. There's no denying the fact that it's a bit of a tearjerker, but it isn't really an overly 'sad' movie - just thought provoking. The story - which, as you probably know, is based on the book of the same name - is phenomenal. At no point was I bored or wishing to press fast-forward, and I wish there was a continuation. Overall, 'Perks gets a solid 9.6/10 from me.


22 Jump Street is a fun, entertaining movie that I saw recently with some friends. No, the story doesn't drive you to ponder your existence and keep you awake at night, but it is relatively remarkable compared to what you expect from a summer comedy movie. The chemistry between its stars is undeniable, making for more laughs than you'll be ready for. I can't in good conscience give this flick a rating any lower than an 8/10


Going back in time, I decided to re-watch the basketball-themed film He Got Game. Starring Ray Allen (yes, the basketball player himself) and Denzel Washington (as his father), I didn't know what to expect. I won't get into the details, but the film had an overall bittersweet feeling to me. I give it a 6.7/10.


Love or hate the franchise, Super Man isn't going anywhere. Regardless, I was fairly skeptical when I popped Man of Steel into my DVD player. Unfortunately, my skepticism was not unfounded; to me, the movie was nothing to marvel at. With sub-par (to my own preferences) camera work and production, this blockbuster was a bit more of just a bust to me. Still, it wasn't a complete flop. All in all, the film deserves a straight 6/10 in my book.


Quirky. That's the best way to describe The Spectacular Now, a movie filled teenagers faced with adult drama. Like in the above ratings, I won't get too involved with the specifics, but I will say this: the role player in the movie is hard to love, but even more difficult to hate. I felt angry, confused, and downright disappointed at him throughout the movie. With that in mind, I think it's safe to say that the film crew would have had it no other way. The Spectacular Now truly fed my emotions, but it wasn't perfect; my rating for it is a respectable 8.2/10.


If you're more adept to high-paced, action-filled thrillers, you might want to shy away from Argo. Though I do like my fair share of action, I though the film was worth giving a chance. Boy, I was right. An enlightening drama that tells the fantastic true story of the U.S. hostage crisis in Iran, this movie gets an 8.5/10 from me.


I'd like to keep going, but I would be here all night. These are just a few of the movies that I've had the pleasure of watching in the month of June, and I'll be back to present more at a later time. That's all for now!


[EDIT:] I couldn't help myself from continuing just a bit. I noticed that most of my ratings were quite high, so I wanted to add some not-so-great movies into this post! Let's go.


First up to bat is the movie Thr3e. I won't beat around the bush: my view is a bit biased, as I loved the book that it's purely based on. So, I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when I sat down to watch this film. I'm not speaking just as a lover of the book when I say the film adaptation is awful. Downright awful! It doesn't compare to any of the films on the list above - even Man of Steel is a great movie in comparison. If you like good movies, do yourself a favor and stay away. 3/10.


Next is Stardust, a movie that - surprising to me - was well-received by critics. Perhaps the movie just wasn't meant for me. I can't really say much about why - I just didn't enjoy it. In my opinion, it deserves no more than a 5/10. (If you liked this movie, would you care to explain why?)


To be honest, the whole Marvel resurgence has been a bit annoying to me. I don't hate comics or specifically The Avengers, but I was very disappointed in Thor. Thor was hyped up beyond what I would dare say it deserves, and I was very unsatisfied with my experience watching it. The plot was iffy. The star sure has a lot of brawn, but seems to be lacking in the brains department (he could be intelligent in the real world - I have no idea). Still, the film was somewhat enjoyable and had some redeeming qualities. Overall, it doesn't get more than a 5.9/10.


I can't bring myself to leave you on a low note, so I have one more rating to present. Last December, I went to my local movie theater and watched what I truly believe to be the greatest film that I have seen. Of course, it pertains towards my interests and many people may not agree with my viewpoint. Still, I stand strong on my belief that Her is a gorgeous gem-of-film that can't be overstated. It's rare that I'll enjoy a movie so much that I'll go out of my way to pay to see it twice, but I saw Her three times in the matter of weeks. Like any other movie, it's not perfect, but nothing has come closer in my eyes. 9.9/10. The only thing I could ask for is more!

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So I'd just finished typing up that review and my power went out (no autosave D:), I guess it'll have to be tomorrow.



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Originally Posted by eke2k6 View Post

The Grand Budapest Hotel



9/10. Wes Anderson strikes again with another quirky and touching story.


That's really good to hear. I'm looking forward to watching the movie for myself, and that comment only reassures me.

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Originally Posted by Focker View Post

I've never been all that big into the Xmen, so I'm sure I'm in the minority here...this one started off great, I thought...but the 2nd half I found myself looking at my watch and getting annoyed by the time travel aspect. I am really looking forward to the next one, though...the after credits bonus scene was pretty cool. 



"X-men: Days of Future Past" - 8.0/10




The movie is ridiculous in its content for those who don't care about the source ( like me). It was pretty entertaining but I don't have warm memories about it.

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It has only been a few hours since my last list of ratings, but I'm in a writing (well, typing) mood. So, I've decided to do a few more. 


Let's start things of on the wacky side - John Dies At The End. To put it lightly, this is a weird movie - in case you hadn't guess that by the name. A bit disturbing at times, this flick will definitely oil some gears in your brain and cause you to start thinking. Life, death, the universe, aliens, drugs, deformed-face-mask-wearing-people-from-another-dimension. Those are just a handful of elements showcased in this film. With all that, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you have some time to spare, John Dies At The End is definitely a movie worth watching. It gets a good 7.6/10 from me.


Continuing the theme of oddness is Warm Bodies, your average classic boy-meets-girl romantic comedy. Well, average aside from the fact that the boy is an undead zombie that wants to get his chompers in a nice, tasty brain. Set in present times (with a little bit more zombies than we have in the real world), Warm bodies is clearly a unique film. Of course, it's far from being perfect, but it's entertaining; 7.2/10.


With so many westerns and so many alien movies, I suppose it was only a matter of time until a movie about both together came out. Something so bluntly named Cowboys & Aliens isn't exactly what I expected when I saw the headlines for it back in 2011. For understandable reasons, I was pretty skeptical, so I held off watching until recently. I came in with a bit of bias against the name, but I was greeted with a better movie than I expected. That being said, I wasn't expecting much. The characters fall a bit flat, and the plot could have used some revising. Overall, I wasn't impressed; 5.8/10.


Adult World, starring Emma Roberts and John Cusack, caught my attention when I was scanning through movies at my local Redbox. It's the tale of a less than incredible poet who finds herself working in an 'adult products' shop. Can you guess what the name of that shop is? Adult Planet? Adult Universe? Adult Place? Eh, close enough. Anyway, it's a fairly good movie, though I'd be lying if I said that Emma Roberts' performance didn't annoy me a bit. What truly stood out, though, is Cusack's role. Playing a grumpy, sarcastic, quick-witted, smart-mouthed and surprisingly patient famous poet falls right into his sweet spot. Honestly, I can't remember a single time that he has been cast into a role that didn't suit him perfectly. The story is a bit iffy in my opinion, and the film ends a bit abruptly. All things considered, I give it a 6.6/10.


A bit reminiscent of the Scary Movie franchise is last year's A Haunted House, coming from the mind of Marlon Wayans. I could easily stop there and you would know just about everything there is to know about this comedy. Regardless, I'll continue. The movie starts off strong and certainly has its moments, but it could have done with a much better closing segment. I've yet to see the sequel, and I'm not sure if I want to; 5.4/10.


When I went to the movie theater to see The Monuments Men on a date earlier this year, I was anticipating a mature, thoughtful film - something that I would be glad to have seen. Unfortunately, my expectations weren't entirely met. All of the talent shared between George Clooney, Bill Murray, Matt Damon, and the rest of the remarkable cast couldn't save this from being a bit of a blunder. Something about the way that the story was presented - I can't quite put my finger on it - drove me to find the movie annoying. It seemed like it couldn't make up its mind on what sort of movie it wanted to be. I won't go out and call it terrible, but this isn't a movie that I'll be watching again; 5/10.


Another movie that I went to the theaters to see was the new Godzilla. Because it's still fairly new, I don't want to talk too much about any specifics. I'll just say that the movie wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad at all. I feel that it stayed more true to the Godzilla 'franchise' than the other new adaptation. 7.6/10


That's all for now! Don't be surprised if I update with some more later.

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Screw it, internet went out when I tried to write something long winded so here we go:


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Sequel to the 2010 hit How to Train Your Dragon, this movie has a lot to live up to; I think it's better suited to that than a stripper at a stag party. I obviously had high expectations when I went in to the theater and they were all met. The voice acting was superb, Jay Baruchel's in particular, and the CG is absolutely astounding. In my personal opinion, the best part of the movie came with Hiccup's dragon, Toothless, and his resemblance to a cat. As the owner of 2 cats, this came as a pleasant an comical return from the from the first movie. The only problem I had was the supporting characters from the first movie were disappointingly only used for their hollow comedy stereotypes, and had no character development.

8.9- Left me tumescent with anticipation of the third title, hopefully they fix the supporting characters.

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Night Moves (2013): 8/10


Struggled with putting this one at a 7 or an 8, eventually went with an 8. This film has its fair share of flaws (most notably, for being a character-driven thriller, the characters are not particularly fleshed out, and are really only motivated by one or two emotions), but its superb explorations of paranoia and guilt, nice cinematography, incredible tension, and carefully modulated acting (with Jessie Eisenberg proving that The Social Network was not a fluke) all add up to a hell of a movie. Worth noting that most of the audience I saw it with were very restless throughout though--it received a pretty cold reception. 

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - 8


The setting jumps between four distinct periods; the most interesting to us is the most remote, in 1932. Eccentric Gustave H, prominent concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel, and his newly employed lobby boy Zero Moustafa live the end of the hotel's golden age as the war approaches the state of Zubrowka. Both will get themselves in serious trouble after the mysterious death of Céline, one of the numerous love aberrations of Gustave. Among her voluminous heritage lies a valuable painting that was willed to Gustave--blasphemy for her family who won't take half-measures to reclaim what should be rightfully theirs. Gustave and Zero will jump on a risky and whimsical adventure until the conflict of interests is settled for the best and the worst. I think it's safe to describe this as the darkest Wes Anderson movie, darkly fun that is. Both for the story and the characters, especially the brutal cold-blooded killer J. G. Jopling, who has become one of my favorites in Wes filmography. Willem Dafoe can really put together a convincing killer act. This playfully eccentric, witty and darkly fun movie is among Wes' most expressive works, in my opinion. The Grand Budapest Hotel abounds with memorable scenes, dark humor and the deviant Gustave H might very well be the most iconic character in this mannerist universe, great acting from Ralph Fiennes. Steve Zissou is still my favorite goon, though. The Grand Budapest Hotel shows greater maturity and assertiveness from Wes, who has been granted with more sophisticated technical wizardry and casting quality in his latter works.


However, I'm left with a faint feeling that Wes may have reached the creative limits of his cinematic artifice. In the beginning, I was intrigued by the possibility that the four distinct settings and narrators could bring something new and substantial to the table, but that doesn't seem to be the case in my perception. Looking back, it almost seems like a simple technical gimmick to persuade the viewer that the movie holds more substance than it actually does. This is still the basic formula used in all Wes' movies, but this time enriched with a strong wistful flavor arising from the fact that the whole adventure is nothing more than the cherished memory of what was live and loved by Zero Moustafa--only this would justify a space-time transition, and only one would be enough. What's the point of four transitions? It seems redundant to me. The whole story is apparently read on the present by the girl in the a cemetery sitting just beside the grave of the book's author, but we barely become aware of it. Other than its darkly comical side, this could enhance even more the notion of distant or dreamlike past, in which case more development in the "sober" present would be desirable. Fortunately this wasn't a distraction per se; just a personal remark to explain my mixed feelings about the four settings and the ending. I found the whole movie very engrossing and entertaining; Wes is an expert of mood manipulation. I am very curious to see what he will do next. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Wes' sharpest mannerism. Highly recommended!

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Originally Posted by Deathly View Post

Continuing the theme of oddness is Warm Bodies, your average classic boy-meets-girl romantic comedy. Well, average aside from the fact that the boy is an undead zombie that wants to get his chompers in a nice, tasty brain. Set in present times (with a little bit more zombies than we have in the real world), Warm bodies is clearly a unique film. Of course, it's far from being perfect, but it's entertaining; 7.2/10.



I have warm memories about Warm Bodies. I would give it firm 8 out of 10.

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Originally Posted by mutabor View Post


I have warm memories about Warm Bodies. I would give it firm 8 out of 10.



I really enjoyed it, as well. One of the very few films I've re-watched 

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Finishing up 13 Assassins,


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

the first of the 13 just died >.> 


anyways, I'm enjoying it very much, the Dub is terrible, but the Original Japanese is even worse. The SFX are good though, despite the bad voice acting or bad recording quality of the Voice Actors, wow in the time I wrote this there is now 11 :/ ... and now 10....


good movie though, nice action scenes. Good story leading up to the big battle, speaking of the big battle is was really wonderful, 


Warning: Spoilers INSIDE Spoilers (Click to show)
The big battle scene was pretty cool! They laid traps within a town, then launched their assult, even. Lot's of explosions too, just a joy to watch un fold!
Even if ur reading this, you still need to watch it! 




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Winter's Bone - 8.5/10.  Despite the dark tone, not once did I look at the clock to see how much time went by.  I've seen a few of her (Lawrence) other films and IMO, this film really, really shows her acting talent.

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Originally Posted by alpha421 View Post

Winter's Bone - 8.5/10.  Despite the dark tone, not once did I look at the clock to see how much time went by.  I've seen a few of her (Lawrence) other films and IMO, this film really, really shows her acting talent.


She was phenomenal in that...beyond phenomenal. It's been a good while since I saw that film, but a couple of the scenes toward the end still stay with me. Amazing cast, terrific acting. 

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got through half of


Legend of the Drunken Master



pretty epic stuff, it's nice to see Chan at his best though tbh, I'd love to see him to a proper re boot of the series, seeing as it's got a touch of comedy... I might even tolerate some Chris Rock if they can nail the fight scenes 

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Indeed.  I find it a little amusing how the Oscars, not that they mean that much to me, happened to go with roles of characters with mental instabilities.  However, I find Jolie's role in "Girl, Interrupted" better performed than Lawrence's role in "Silver Linings Playbook."


Speaking of Jolie.  I got to see "Maleficent" on date night with my wife at a theater with the most comfortable seats and counter tops for alcoholic beverages.  I'm not sure if the alcohol had any persuasion power, but I give that film a 6/10.  I think Jolie had way too much fun playing the role, and it shows.  Even though it goes off in a completely different tangent from the original story, it was touching and mildly entertaining.  Again, I may had one too many glasses, but I'm not complaining.

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