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Secret Life of Walter Mitty - 7.25/10


It's not terrible! Wanted to turn off this off after about 25 minutes but then I found myself enjoying it once he finally goes on "vacation".

 Ben Stiller isn't much of an actor. He acts mostly the same in every movie.


Any scene with two people sitting together in this movie is just awkward and not right. It's like they're both reading a script.

There's also quite a few totally pointless scenes.


This movie is just kind of bizarre, weird and doesn't make much sense to me. It's different at least..

The more I think about the movie the more I seem to dislike it.

I wouldn't buy it or rewatch it.


Have you seen "An Idiot Abroad" (TV series)? Well this reminded me of that a little.


I paid $5 for a stupid rental (why are rentals so expensive these days?!!) and it was worth it at least.




Action in the North Atlantic - 6/10


One of the few movies I turned off due to being so dull. I did finish it though. Old WWII movie with Humprey Bogard.

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Another documentary: A Brief History of Time (1991). 7/10 Directed by Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara). Excellent soundtrack by Phllip Glass. His Gates of Heaven, about the pet cemetary business is very good.




Hanna (2011). 7.5/10 Directed by Joe Wright. Next up from him will be Atonement. Saoirse Ronan is excellent as the genetically modified soldier. I'll be following her films. A couple of instances where belief is suspended.

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Under the Skin (2013): 8/10


(Potentially mild spoilers. You may want to go into this without knowing anything about it.)


A bravely directed, acted, and scripted sci-fi thriller that dabbles convincingly in erotica, horror, surrealism, and even cinéma vérité, sometimes all at the same time (or close to it). Taking place in Scotland (shot as an almost perpetually cold, dark, wet hell), it follows an inhuman woman as she stalks and kills men, often luring them to their demise with nothing but her looks (Scarlett Johansson, whom the camera frequently fetishizes) and unsaid promises. Her murderous behavior, however, is simply her job: she's just following orders from a power higher than her. In fact, the more she mingles with the people of Scotland, the more she empathizes with them, and she begins to question her motivation and her identity--and we, the audience, might begin to ask what it means to be human. All of this is accomplished with little intelligible dialogue (most of the characters have thick accents, and their voices are low in the mix, buried beneath the ambient noises and drone soundtrack) and unconventional cinematic language (flashes of Kubrick are evident here and there, as many reviewers have pointed out.)


If the film fails in any regards, it's in how detached it is. This film is almost purely an exercise in intellect, and outside of one beautiful, sort of tragicomic scene (a conversation between the woman and a disfigured young man, which powerfully highlights either her surprising innocence or her manipulative abilities--or both), there is very little here to become emotionally invested with. Nonetheless, this is a fascinating film, in some ways reminiscent of last year's Upstream Color. Recommended, at least for art house film fans.

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Hanna (2011). 7.5/10 Directed by Joe Wright. Next up from him will be Atonement. Saoirse Ronan is excellent as the genetically modified soldier. I'll be following her films. A couple of instances where belief is suspended.


Rerated 8.75/10 after watching for the third time since yesterday (has to get in Saturday's mail pickup if I want a new one Tuesday).


I had this film in my queue anyway, but when I saw Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice, which blew me away, I bumped it to the top. Not to mention seeing Saoirse Ronan in The Grand Budapest Hotel. One thing I didn't notice right away, is that Issac (Tom Hollander) also stars as the cousin William Colins in Pride & Prejudice. It would be hard for me to automatically make that connection - his psycho henchman Issac character is so convincing.


The music, by the Chemical Brothers really stands out. Especially during the chase scenes, and particularly the Safari strip club scene where Marissa (Cate Blanchet) meets Issac and you hear the tune The Devil is in the Details - aptly named for Issac's line, and can be heard / and seen in this edited clip:




eta: Ebert gave it 3 and a half stars:



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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post

Under the Skin (2013): 8/10



Seems interesting, I think I'll get bluray when it's out. Thx.

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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post

Under the Skin (2013): 8/10


Got it in my queue. Thanks. :)

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Transcendence - 6/10.  A typical Hollywood script that attracts Depp and Freeman, of whom the later doesn't have much significant appearance.  Buy hey, I got to see Freeman for a few seconds wearing the Monster DNA earphones!  The script is slow with obvious holes that greatly impacted the entertainment, or lack of it. 


SPOILER: It's shame that it took a fascinating idea of taking the human consciousness from the body and overkilled it with the theme, "advancement in technologies can be dangerous and will be misunderstood...which shines a bright hollywood light on the path of the war between man and machine."

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Battle Royale: 9.34/10


  Although kind of suffers form corny Japanese acting, Battle Royale utilities violence to show the brutality of betrayal, hate, murder. This is what makes Hunger Games not that great. Yes, Katniss got hurt, witness murders, forced to kill, but it doesn't make us feel emotionally disturbed. Hell, Hunger Games never let us see all murders that game happened. It's like focusing only on Michael Schumaccer in a F1 race. That's where Battle Royale shines. It let us to have a bigger picture. After all, it is a great flick to check out.

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August: Osage County - 9.9/10


Wow, I'm pretty blown away by this film. Not only does it have a stellar cast, but the script is a knockout that deserves a solid 10/10.  Hard and raw is how I describe the portrayal of each family member and how their roles have been developed by circumstance and/or historical significance within family dynamics. 


The family dynamics of the dysfunctional family is superbly directed (10/10) and captures all the raw emotions. The dialogue flows with see-thru transparency and genuineness.  It's a film that demands all your attention, but has no problems reeling you in as you witness the emotions and thoughts that are often suppressed and unheard within all "silent" dysfunctional families.

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As much as I enjoy the big budget summer films, it's often times the smaller ones that are just about "life" that I connect with the most. Here are two good examples of films like that...one that I thought was really cheesy and disappointing, and that I didn't connect with at all, and another that really hit the mark. 


Let's start with the latter...


"Small Time" - 8.6/10  








And now for what I felt was a big disappointment, even though it seems to have been pretty well received by critics...


"In a World..." - 6.2/10



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