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King of Kong


This documentary follows the lives of the world's best arcade game players whose primary concern is holding the world record in their game of choice. I didn't know these kind of people existed. If your looking for an interesting peek into the nerdy world of arcade gamers and non-stop hilarity, look no further



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Pride of the Marines - 10/10 (1945)


True story of  Albert Schmid who was on Guadalcanal and in the Battle of the Tenaru. With three of his friends he defended Henderson Field against the Japanese and supposedly killed over 200 enemies with his water cooled machine gun. He ended up losing his sight. The movie is about his life before going to war, the actual battle and his recovery back home. It's based on the book "Al Schmid, Marine".


If you don't understand what it was like to come back from WWII with severe disabilities this might be a good one to watch. The movie is a bit over-dramatic at times but I loved most of it. Well, unfortunately it does have a lot of anti-Japanese comments but that was normal in Hollywood after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


Here's a good entry on Albert Schmid:


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"The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" [IMAX 3D] (7.1/10): Maybe my expectations were too high. However, I must admit that I'm surprised, but I was disappointed in this second installment. I would give it a lower rating, but I have too much respect and fondness for the franchise. I never thought that the book justified three movies. I guess if Peter Jackson was making the "Fellowship..." after "The Hobbit" (as it should have been...) he would probably make the three books into six or eight or nine movies. I loved the part of the movie that involved the dragon, but I thought that the movie was really slow in terms of forward progression of the story. I'm sure that the concluding film will be better.

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The Parking Lot Movie


Covers the mundane life of being a parking lot employee in a college town and the various outlooks they hold as they occupy one of societies less respected positions



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Project X


The way they filmed this movie was a nice touch. It definitely appeals more to the stoned high schooler. Its level of sophistication is lacking to say the least and it wasn't the most brilliant of people that wrote this movie, but it definitely leaves you with a desire to enjoy the present and let loose. Not too loose but some.


enjoyment rating of   7/10

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This isn't a movie, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to post its rating on here:)


Orphan Black (2013-)

TV Series          9/10


Great Show. Only ten episodes so far, but the suspense always builds up to the point that you HAVE to watch the next episode. I didn't know exactly what I was watching at first (in the first few minutes), but then I finally got hooked, and don't regret it. 

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The Geographer Drank His Globe Away ( Russia, 2013) 8/10




The winner of Kinotavr Film Festival 2013 ( probably the main Russian film festival) which means that it is the best Russian film of 2013 chosen by critics.


I think that Americans will struggle to understand the main protagonist who is a complete looser and because of that he is so beloved by a Russian intelligent class. Unlike in America where success is a sacred cow, in Russia you have to be a looser to gain respect and sympathy from intelligentsia. Being a looser is kind of protest to ugly and gloomy political and social landscape which for centuries doesn't change for better. The protagonist is a good guy hence he is miserable. good = miserable is an existential law in Russia. 

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Jagten (The Hunt) 11/10.


So incredibly realistic it´s like there is no acting involved. 

Image quality relatively good for being a dogma movie too which is what brings it up to 11. 


Very depressing movie so you have to be part sadist to enjoy it.


World War Z 7/10

Was quite underhyped by it but it did the job being somewhat logical and I do preferr this type of infected over the old crappy zombie type where all you are supposed to be impressed about is splatter effects and gore.

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Originally Posted by deuce4 View Post

King of Kong


This documentary follows the lives of the world's best arcade game players whose primary concern is holding the world record in their game of choice. I didn't know these kind of people existed. If your looking for an interesting peek into the nerdy world of arcade gamers and non-stop hilarity, look no further



I saw that film last year on TV one night. I couldn't quit watching it once I started.  Before there were home game systems there were the large console games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac Man etc. Heading to an arcade or bar was the only place to play video games.  Playing and competing on video games and pinball was as serious as pool, but these guys took competing to the next level, a crazy level.  Nice documentary which took the competition as serious as a world class athletic event. Agree 9/10

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The Wolf of Wall Street- 9/10


tdockweiler- Yes, I do actually like Casino more than Goodfellas. And I liked The Wolf of Wall Street more than Casino.


I loved it from start to finish. It's a microscope on American greed, excess and debauchery and one man's spiral through it all. Part Glengarry Glen Ross, and part The Hangover, it's littered with lines and scenes that I can't stop thinking about. Johnna Hill was brilliant. As was DiCaprio, who after seeing his performance in this, solidified in my mind that he's one of the greatest actors of my generation. His range was incredible in this- from the quaalude/lamborghini scene (seriously just wait till you see it) to the moment in the bedroom where he realizes he just may lose everything. It's like a rollercoaster ride that drops for three hours. Martin Scorsese has made one hell of a film here.


Tons of eye candy too. ;)

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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): 8/10


Three hours of relentless and blackly comic debauchery. Maybe one of the funniest films of the year, if you have the appetite for it. And you'll need the right sort of appetite--Scorsese pushes the R rating as it's commonly understood to the breaking point. The fact that most of the characters are extremely unlikable threatens to tip the film into 'chore' territory, but thanks to the strong casting and performances things never drag as they probably should, though it still might be to the film's benefit to lose twenty-thirty minutes or so. In spite of all the film's excess, the end result is surprisingly tight and cohesive, perhaps thanks to the script's blunt (and certainly somewhat satirical) messages concerning capitalism, greed, and the American Dream. It does occasionally feel forced, but we've felt the effects of trading without fear of consequences in the real world--we know that this stuff is, on some level, uncomfortably accurate. And the last image is a fantastic one--bringing very much to mind a quote I've heard somewhere, which I've completely forgotten but remember the gist of: socialism can never take off in America because poor Americans don't believe that they are poor. They believe that they are merely temporarily inconvenienced millionaires. 

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Alvin and the Schiitmonks. -9000/10


Worst film from a non indie producer ever.

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I was surprised by this documentary. I've never been a big fan of Apple - but I'm also not a hater. I think the most interesting part of this interview were his very frank answers - his disdain for Sculley, his praise and criticism of Microsoft and his shameless theft of the Xerox IP. Yeah, he's still an arrogant pr!ck - but he's a very smart arrogant pr!ck and many senior executives and companies should listen to some of the things he says.
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The Great Beauty ( Italy, 2013) 7/10



This film has received a lot of praise among high-brow critics. It was a winner of European Film Awards:


The Great Beauty ( winner) La grande bellezza Paolo Sorrentino  Italy
Blancanieves N/A Pablo Berger  Spain
The Broken Circle Breakdown N/A Felix Van Groeningen  Belgium
The Best Offer La Migliore Offerta Giuseppe Tornatore  Italy
Oh Boy! N/A Jan Ole Gerster  Germany
Blue Is the Warmest Colour La Vie d'Adèle – Chapitres 1 & 2 Abdellatif Kechiche  France


 Director's Statement

I have long been thinking about a film which probes the contradictions, the beauties, the scenes I have witnessed and the people I've met in Rome. It's a wonderful city, soothing yet at the same time full of hidden dangers. By dangers, I mean intellectual adventures which lead nowhere.


I have watched The Great Beauty and another Italian film The Best Offer. I didn't particularly like either. I enjoyed Blue Is the Warmest Color ( Cannes festival winner).


 The Great Beauty as I perceived it was as vague as director's statement above. Paolo Sorrentino wanted to express how behind the grandeur and vanity of Rome's elite there is emptiness and disappointment. In my mind I got the message but I didn't feel any sympathy toward it. As one critic wrote: "If the antics of the beau monde disgust or exhaust you, stay away from Sorrentino's film." The antics of the beau monde leave me indifferent. The second part of this critic's statement is: "look no further, on the other hand, if you wish to know whether, where, and in what guise the spirit of Fellini remains at work-and, better still, at play." Because I haven't seen any Fellini movies then it doesn't work for me either.

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Originally Posted by mutabor View Post

Don Jon is pretty provocative. It openly discusses male's natural inclination to porn and masturbation. I think that Gordon-Levitt made a pretty bold film which can rise "skeletons in the closet" questions.
Don Jon (2013) 9/10
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Did a search, only came up with Mutabor's review, along with a few members who were interested in giving Don Jon a spin.
I'll agree wholeheartedly with your review and score, it was an engaging film that is geared toward the male psyche in a very suggestive manner.
Really enjoyed this film, ScarJo sure made a compelling case for why guys stay single...
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