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Originally Posted by mutabor View Post

Iron Man 3


Visual effects were great, the movie was entertaining. That's it. Nothing else to talk about because the story line is a trivial comics fanfare which you forget in 15 minutes after leaving a movie theater.


I'm anticipating more from the upcoming Star Trek.


Same.  Solid movie but had no spark.  It started out dark and then about 30 minutes in it just completely changed pace ...like they changed directors mid-movie.  I'd give the movie a 7.  It was better than 2 but I'm not pining to own it. 


I had more fun watching the Star Trek and new Superman movie trailers. 

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Overall: 8.5/10


Enjoyability: 9.5/10


I loved the film


I teared up. I admit

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Mississippi Burning - 8/10
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42 - 9/10
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Broken City - 6/10
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Upstream Color (2013): 8/10 (Very minor spoilers.... for the film Primer)


A tightly constructed, beautifully filmed fantasy mystery that also happens to be a fairly good thriller. Imagine Malick with maybe a little bit of Cronenberg or Kubrick thrown in for good measure and you're on the right track. If you've seen writer/director Shane Carruth's previous film, Primer, you sort of know what to expect: dense and imaginative, and very demanding of its audience. What you might not expect is the romanticism--I've seen some reviewers compare this film specifically to Malick's Tree of Life, and there's certainly some of that flavor here, albeit with a slightly more sinister edge. (If body horror seriously disturbs you then you may want to avoid this film. It's unrated, but I wouldn't say it's any worse than PG-13--however, it did make the person I saw it with almost sick.)


What's it about? Eh.... that's where things get a bit hard to describe. If you've seen Primer, you'll remember that a key plot point had to do with pulling a time machine through a time machine. At the risk of sounding very vague, Upstream Color is somewhat about pulling a person through a person. Or maybe pulling a person through a pig. Or pulling a pig through a person? I think it might be both, or all three. Worms, orchids, and noise music are also involved, as is the most disturbing case of identity theft I've seen in a film recently, which serves (almost) as the film's opening hook. Throw in some beautiful cinematography, fine acting, and a hypnotic score and you're left with a gorgeous but weird film that's hard to describe really, though ultimately it doesn't require anywhere near the mental gymnastics that Primer did. The bulk of the movie follows two people as they struggle to piece their lives back together after being uniquely violated by a form of mind-control. The structure of the film is fairly straightforward, though some minor detours may throw off the less adventurous audience members, particularly those without much experience in sci-fi/fantasy. I think most people will be able to piece together a fairly solid explanation of what unfolds in this film though, and I suspect that most people will find something to like here, as long as they've got a head for slightly experimental cinema. If you're looking for an art film that's a little bit out of the ordinary, I'd highly recommend Upstream Color--best of luck finding a theatre near you that's holding onto it for a decent amount of time, though.

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Lolita (1997): 5.5/10.

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Originally Posted by mutabor View Post


This movie is of epic scale I haven't watched for a long time. In comparison all that numerous comics ( which have invaded movie theaters lately) entertain me but never impress. 


I can now understand why JJ Abrams was chosen for the next Star Wars.

Thanks for the posts.  I debated, at first, whether I would see this in IMAX or RPX.  JJ Abrams filmed 30 min on IMAX film, so I think I'll go with that.  3D is a + or - for me.  The glasses are irritating and the 3D if not done right is distracting.  I'll trust Abrams knows what he's doing.  


Anyone see either version I'm going to see this in the next few days.

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Triple header today:


Troma's War: 5/10


Super campy, titillating scenes, good versus evil, bulletproof action; there is something here for everyone to hate (and love).

For me it climbs to the other side of the parabola, the point where crappy movies become entertainment.



Odd Obsession: 8/10


It's a complex movie, with complex character motives. However, it is not the reason for a less than ideal score.

It's characters are very dry and readily chafe are every conceivable opportunity while they are on screen together.

They seem uncomfortable all the time. It's exceedingly unnerving.

Nevertheless, It's a beautiful movie on the surface. The subject matter and the way this movie opens would make anyone take twice a look at the year it was produced.



Gate of Hell: 6/10


Rather boring. It plays like a cautionary tale in the vein of old storytellers. I suppose the subtlety of this film are somewhat lost on me.

It is a beautiful film to watch; I can give it that much.




I see Harakiri is available to watch for free on Hulu; I'm definitely watching that tomorrow.

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I'm afraid to watch this. The original 1962 film is one of my all time favorites--possibly in my top 10. Has anyone else seen it, and the original? How do they compare?

Originally Posted by Planar_head View Post

I see Harakiri is available to watch for free on Hulu; I'm definitely watching that tomorrow.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness - 7/10

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I watched Start Trek Into Darkness again, in Dolby Atmos. The sound effects are awesome.

I don't know, I just really like this movie.

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Originally Posted by madbull View Post

Lolita (1997): 5.5/10.

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Leaving to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness in about an hour.

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The Great Gatsby (2013) - 9/10
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