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Originally Posted by 5aces View Post

Lara Croft:Tomb Raider (2001) 7/10

Why not have a delicious nostalgic look at A.Jolie?
Forgot how plump those Octo-Mom lips were back then.
Odd watching Daniel Craig take a back seat here considering his position now.
She really does have a thing for twin 9mm Colt pistols when on Safari,apparently.
Movie takes on an almost Jules Verne mod in the end,good fun once again.

I love seeing Tomb Raider every couple of years. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

At least it´s not the traditional Hollywood fare.


I didn´t got through Anti Christ but Melancholia I felt was true epic. Need to be in the right mood when you see this I suspect. I was extatic at the end of Melancholia. Reminds me I need to see Dogville :)


I havent seen a good film come out of hollywood for quite a while... and trust me, dogville and antichrist are terrible.

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Lars von Trier is a god-awful storyteller and a pompous prick to boot. I'm convinced anyone who is a huge fan of his work needs to be heavily medicated and/or locked up. I'd rather sit through Uwe Boll's entire filmography, at least then I can have fun laughing at his childlike attempts at directing.


Dude got banned from Cannes for saying he understands and sympathizes with HITLER....I mean, c'mon...


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I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of von Trier, but I do admire his work. He's not a great story-teller no, but I think that he's a brave (or maybe crazy is the better word) and provocative one. I don't believe that I've ever enjoyed a film of his in the conventional sense, but certainly there a couple of his that I got an immense high from; Melancholia was one of them. Ecstatic (and a bit sick) is how I'd probably describe myself as I stumbled to my car after seeing it on the big screen. I don't really know that I ever need to see it again, but I certainly thought that it was an experience worth being subjected to.

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Originally Posted by dxanex View Post

Dude got banned from Cannes for saying he understands and sympathizes with HITLER....I mean, c'mon...

I love that clip; it's ridiculous. Rarely do you see someone look that genuinely uncomfortable.
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Jack Reacher - 7.5/10


Some of the smaller roles required better acting. The main actresses acting was rather weird and awkward at times. Some of the dialogue in the script was rather bad.

At times I felt like I was watching a TV movie.


Pretty entertaining and I'd like to see more of these movies, but it probably won't happen. Apparently there is a ton of other Jack Reacher novels.


Now that I think of it, it reminds me a little of "Shooter" which is far better. Tom Cruise is a better actor than Wahlberg though.


Another thing...this one could have used a few more action scenes. Liked the car chase sequence and Tom Cruise actually did all his own stunts and drove the car.

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Iron Man 3 - 8/10


I loved it. I loved 'The Mandarin' and the mk 42. I loved the humor. I couldn't stop laughing when RDJ told the kid to not be a ***** about his dad leaving. Oh god.


It felt slightly disjointed, but I really liked it otherwise. Rhodey being a bad ass was fun to watch.

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Iron Man 3


I watched it mostly because of IMAX experience. Visual effects were great, the movie was entertaining. That's it. Nothing else to talk about because the story line is a trivial comics fanfare which you forget in 15 minutes after leaving a movie theater.


I'm anticipating more from the upcoming Star Trek.

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Originally Posted by vwinter View Post


I'm more impressed with promo editing than most movies these days.


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Django Unchained -8.5/10
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Saw Jack Reacher a few days ago. Not my cup of tea. Most of the lines in the movie were just too cheesy and the action is over the top. 6.5/10

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Remake of the 1981 Sam Raimis film.

Director: Fede Alvarez (Sam Raimi is a producer of the film with Bruce Cambell the actor in the original Evil Dead)

Why making a remake in those days?

In my opinion: economic factor (old fans would watch it and gain new fans) and artistical factor (lack of ideas, particulary in horror genre).

Anyway it's an horror/splatter so lots of blond not for weak stomachs, in some part it could be funny.

The plot from the original film it's a little different but it would not be a good idea to propose an 80's plot nowadays. And it's well written 

Fotography and soundtrack are really well made.


Vote: 7.5/10 Well Done (at least for me!)


P.S.: At the end of the credits there is an extra scene

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Originally Posted by proton007 View Post



If you're a Star Trek fan, obviously you'll like it. If you're not, you'll become one.


Plot, story, characters, acting, all A+.

Nice visual effects, very nice action sequences.


This movie is of epic scale I haven't watched for a long time. In comparison all that numerous comics ( which have invaded movie theaters lately) entertain me but never impress. 


I can now understand why JJ Abrams was chosen for the next Star Wars.

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Django 1/1

Good 3 hr movie, great Quentin Tarantino movie.

Favorite scene was the, " How would you like to win 1,500 dollars? All you have to do is get me a gun and a horse"

Batman, Dark knight Rises

3/10 WAY too much flat dialogue, a huge dissapointment from The Dark Knight
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Lets go back just a little ways

Night At The Roxbury
I'm not sure I even want to give this a score because what do you use as your yardstick for a movie like this. It could have been worse, much worse. It fell flat for a good portion of the middle but had its moments and I didn't feel like the writers didn't try knowing its shallow roots. It's always fun when a movie has a moment where you think "____ should happen in the next 20 seconds." And then it does. This is less about predictability than being on the same page as the writers knowing that this was the only correct course of action given the setup.

Objectively it's a 5-6/10, but there's sometimes more to it.
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