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Good Will Hunting 10/10

One of the best movies I've ever seen!

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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post

Alrighty, I'll be sure to check it out at some point. I do quite like Cage--I know he gets a lot of hate, and yeah, he is in a lot of pretty bad stuff. But I still think he's very underrated as an actor--even in his post-Adaptation career. Just check out Herzog's Bad Lieutenant, for proof!


I need to check out Bad Lieutenant, the trailers looked good for that. Lord of War was also fantastic. One of my favorite Cage movies.

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Originally Posted by dxanex View Post

I need to check out Bad Lieutenant, the trailers looked good for that. Lord of War was also fantastic. One of my favorite Cage movies.

I consider Lord of War easily his best movie. It's sooooo good.
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So I grew up a huge wrestling fan...lots of great memories, both from watching on tv and also attending live events. I'll never forget when I first moved to Atlanta in 1980 and caught some Georgia Championship Wrestling (NWA) on TBS. I was pretty much hooked from the start. There was an upcoming event at the Omni at the time, and Tommy Wildfire Rich was going to fight Buzz Sawyer in a cage match...loser gets their head shaved. I was so excited (I was about 7 years old) and I asked my dad at the dinner table if we could go. What he said next was one of those moments in your life when you just never forget how it felt...it leaves an indelible mark on your SOUL....he said, "no, we're not going to go watch that stuff...it's all fake". I was both confused and shocked at the same time! I do have to give my dad credit for eventually taking my brother and I to a WWE show when we moved to Kansas City a few years later, but that was mainly out of guilt for uprooting us from our friends/school. Anyway, I remained a fan all throughout my teens and sort of paid attention from a distance even into my 20s and 30s. These days I find myself still being completely fascinated by the business of pro wrestling. The psychology of getting someone over is very interesting to me, and I have truly enjoyed seeing some of the pieces that the WWE has put together over the last decade or so. I love how they maintain the charade during the actual entertainment events, but once show is over it's full disclosure. These documentary programs really get into the life stories of some of the performers and it's intriguing to see them with their guard down and talking about the business aspects of their profession not in character but as themselves. This film on CM Punk is available on Netflix and I thought it was really well done. If you're a fan of this business, check it out some of these films!


WWE: CM Punk Best in the World - 8.4/10


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The Final Destination (in 3D) (2009) 6.5/10

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (in 3D) (2012) 7.5/10

Last time I went to the big screen for 3D was for FD in 2009 and now,last night for TH:An Unexpected Journey.
Better experience with higher frame rates,I had to pull the glasses off to catch a break for FD.
I was pleased to see The Hobbit in 3D,even if the format does not live up to its billing just yet.
Only a few choice scenes jump out and they weren't all that dramatic but fine none the less.
Meant to be seen in IMAX 3D,you will miss out if you opt for 2D.
Only a handful of Hollywood movies are released this way,so it was good fun to see what they've been up to.
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I'm not real big on the 3D format at the theater, but at home I love it. The last Final Destination film is the best 3D experience I've had at home to date. The first twenty minutes or so (the bridge scene) were fantastic. I had just gotten my first 3D projector and the first couple titles were significantly poor in terms of their effects (The Fright Night remake with Colin Farrell was AWFUL), so this was a very nice surprise. I've never been a huge fan of this franchise, even though it's been mindless fun at times. But for some amazing effects, check out the beginning of the last film...

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Home HD 3D for the masses is on the horizon with BenQ W1070/W1080ST projectors coming in at just over a a $1,000 give or take.
Full HD 1080p quality and 3D less than 6 ft. away,with 100 inches of projection.
Toss in a 27" LED monitor and you're into a theater set up for less than the price of a big screen smart TV.
Needs a good room for placement but it works for me.

I never would have lasted the full three hours of The Hobbit if it were not shot entirely in 3D.
Try it at an IMAX theater in 3D Focker,it was pretty easy on the eyes.
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Nice BenQ! I came REALLY close to going with a DLP last year when I bought this Epson 3010. I want my next one to be a DLP, and every time I've seen a screen shot of a BenQ model, it's been stunning. And yep, that's exactly how I have been doing it for years...I use my 2006 model Samsung LCD for regular viewing, and my projector for movies and sports.


I was close to seeign the Hobbit a few weeks ago...I'll try to catch it while it's still at IMAX...It seems like the "people" have enjoyed it more than the critics, so that's a good sign.

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The Impossible (2012): 7/10


It suffers some from being a bit emotionally manipulative, and its uplifting, feel-good plot feels pretty hollow considering the mass destruction all around (indeed, if I dwell on this point for too long, I'm likely to rate this lower), but this is still a fine film that remains gripping throughout its entire running length, thanks to the powerful acting and the sure directing and special effects. I will say that this is on the gritty end of the PG-13 spectrum--there are a couple of lingering shots on horrific-looking flesh wounds that will make the soft-hearted squirm a bit; indeed, I haven't felt this much sympathy pain for on-screen characters since 127 Hours. Of particular note for me were the underwater scenes when the waves forced people under--these sequences were truly horrific, and the sound editing team deserves a medal for the way they make you feel every bit of debris that slams against (or pierces) the characters. Honestly, I think I limped out of this film when it was over, so visceral were the wounds being received on-screen. So, yes, it's a bit rough, and I'm not entirely certain that the film will be completely worth it for everyone in the end, but I'd say that I personally found it to be a cathartic, worthwhile experience--and I imagine that most people will as well, so long as they don't over-think things. So take that for what you will.

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Really the same as one and two only I already saw one and two so it gets a five out of ten.wink.gif

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It looses on originality I imagine! If you rule that out and have a guilty pleasure for the genre :D

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Definitely still fun to watch.


Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

It looses on originality I imagine! If you rule that out and have a guilty pleasure for the genre :D

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Originally Posted by dxanex View Post

Speaking of Blade Runner, Ridley Scott's "Final Cut" is arguably the best version available. And finally I'd like to add that I believe Deckard is in fact a replicant and I'll go toe-to-toe with anyone that says otherwise.. tongue_smile.gif

"The question of whether Deckard is intended to be a human or a replicant has been an ongoing controversy since the film's release.[62] Both Michael Deeley and Harrison Ford wanted Deckard to be human while Hampton Fancher preferred ambiguity.[63] Ridley Scott has confirmed that in his vision Deckard is a replicant.[64][65"

Originally Posted by dxanex View Post

Lord of War was also fantastic. One of my favorite Cage movies.

I liked Lord of War as well, but thought Cage Peaked in Raising Arizona. Leaving Las Vegas was interesting, he showed a bit of range in that one.
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Speaking of Nicholas Cage watched Drive Angry 3D yesterday. This is probably the worst 3D conversion I have seen almost to the point the 2D version is better. But they put flashlights in your eyes constantly and they use overexposed sky and what not just to make it extra hurtful. It´s super weird. I don´t believe it´s common practise 3D or not to put flashlights toward the viewers face? The Special effects as in fire don´t work. I usually don´t have any problem with 3D but this was a hard watch at times.


1/10 for the 3D and 8/10 for the movie.


Nice to see Cage getting some what hip again. All will be fine if he just stops doing the Ghostrider crap :)

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The Impossible 8.5/10
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