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Originally Posted by DLeeWebb View Post

"Savages" [9.3/10]: I really liked this movie. Edge of the seat type plot line. Best Oliver Stone movie in a long time. Best John Travolta performance in  long time. Loved the soundtrack. Highly recommended

Savages was the worst movie I've seen all year...
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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post
Savages was the worst movie I've seen all year...

Wow! I guess we have different tastes in movies...I clearly thought that it was a great movie...

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Kind of funny,Russel Brand he is not.Jack Whitehall Live (2012) 6/10

Bit odd but funny.Jon Richardson Funny Magnet (2012) 7/10
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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Savages was the worst movie I've seen all year...

I agree, it was not even bad in a good way. To unbelievable like they had a script and good actors but somehow just seemed too unreal. It was like a cartoon, only worse.

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The Dictator: 6/10

It made me laugh, but it was kind of stupid.
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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

Originally Posted by Proglover View Post

Originally Posted by Proglover View Post


Disagree. If you haven´t already see Touch the void! 127h is a brilliant movie. Most of Boyles productions are but some of the impact was lost having seen Touching the Void before. 

I read the book (Toughing The Void) it was about some guy climbing The Everest It think? And he got stuck and thought his friends left, etc.
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Originally Posted by Doc-holliday View Post

Just finished watching Expendables II. Agreed it was a fun watch if you prepare yourself for some mindless hollywood action. I agree with your comment on Van Damme. Far from an oscar winning performance but he has gotten better at actual acting in his old age if you compare. The continual one liners and action film references I got a kick out of. Good times.


Definitely...I was watching Bloodsport the other day and it's amazing how much better of an actor he is now. He showed quite a lot of range in JCVD....it really surprised me....and I thought he did really well in ExII, for sure. 

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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Savages was the worst movie I've seen all year...

I agree with this. I just thought it was poorly written and almost felt like it was trying to be a pulp fiction knock off almost. Salma Heyack just can't carry a movie IMO.

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Hit and Run (2012) 6.9/10

If you're a car buff,you'll enjoy this one,otherwise not much here to hold your attention.
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Someone mentioned Pandora's Box earlier. God, what a movie. Louise Brooks = the most stunning actress of all time, ever. No exceptions.




Life of Pi (2012): 8/10


In spite of a weak framing narrative and a bunch of religious/spiritual mumbo jumbo that threatens to derail the movie, this is really a fantastic picture. Not only is it technically stunning (the computer animation is, for the most part, top-notch), but it's also one of the most involving movies I've seen all year, when it's focused on the aspects of its story that really matter. Ultimately, it does try to be a little too ambitious for its own good, but it never sinks to the same lows as did this year's other big 'un-filmable' adaptation, Cloud Atlas. Note that I have not read the book that this film was based off, so I can't make any statements comparing the two. I will say this however: think twice before bringing your children to see this. Because of its PG rating, it would seem that many are assuming that this is safe fare for the kiddies, and I can tell you that it's probably going to be too intense for most kids under the age of 10 or so. A few families left the screening I attended--no doubt they expected a movie with lots of CGI animals to be friendlier than it was. Make no mistake--the CGI animals here actually behave like animals. And the cuddliest ones have a way of winding up dead. 

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Expendables 2

10/10 for the cast

6/10 for the story

I really enjoyed watching famous actors in the movie. It was cool to see Schwarzenegger in the movie and even Chuck Norris. I about **** my pants when I saw Chuck Norris in there. I loved the dialogue too especially the lines & references from past movies of the actor!
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Well I had a very nice surprise tonight...


One of my pet peeves with "hollywood" type films is that they tend to romanticize things that, personally, I dont feel should be. I'm not meaning to say that filmmakers shouldn't be allowed to emphasize what they wish, of course....but for me, personally, I just find it annoying and unrealistic. I've found that over the last several years, there have been some very adult-like films that aren't so much "chick flicks" as they are relationship dramas. One of my favorite films - actually two films - is the Before Sunset/Sunrise pairing. Purely dialog driven films about two people who discover an interest in each other as they spend a night/day in a beautiful European setting. Very simple, very adult themes and very good films, IMO. Well, tonight's film was one that I nearly rented a few months ago, but when I saw it hit Netflix streaming I went ahead and gave it a chance. It has Seth Rogen in a very uncharacteristic role, and a very underrated actress in Michelle Williams. The film looks at the idea of reaching a "comfort level" in a marriage and what, if any, tradeoffs come along with choosing that path. It also has some self-discovery themes mixed in with some well-timed humor. Without giving away too much, I was thoroughly impressed with how the thematic elements were carried out in a way that didn't force me to take a judgmental stance toward any of the three main characters. Life is about choices and the impact of those choices, and the story managed to very smartly put all of that out on the table and allows the viewer to sort through it all and make sense of it. All in all I was very impressed with this film from start to finish. I found myself caring about each of the three characters, albeit in different ways and varying degrees. At no time did the film sell out or attempt to cheaply play on our thoughts and emotions. It was very honest, candid, and engaging. 


Take this Waltz - 8.6/10


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End of Watch 9/10

Pretty engaging, the hand held technique worked well for the narrative. Nice drama, and pretty good action. An interesting take on the cop movie genre.
And for those saying it's not realistic or thats not how cops talk, I don't really think thats the point of the movie. For that you can watch wildest police videos or something.
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Life of Pi


I enjoyed this film. It told a magnificent story with great artistry, demonstrating several elements of visual art while maintaining a sense of reality.


A 4 out of 4 stars for me.



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Originally Posted by Focker View Post

Take this Waltz - 8.6/10



enjoyed that one as well.great movie.

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