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I used to have super expensive cichlids, but when I set up my tanks again after a long time, I figured I'd break them in with 99 cent Petco fish. I've grown fond now of the cheapies, s I'm sticking with them. I want to get a school of cardinals now.
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Be-careful with the flame angel, it may start nipping your coral one day. It happens to mine, I have it over one year and it did not pay any attentions to my coral. One day, I found it nipping my SPS at night.
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It's been years since I had a decent setup, but I play poker with a buddy of mine who has one of the most impressive hatcheries around, John Niemans. If you know cichlids, you'll know the name.
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Let's bring this thread back.  I'm starting up a new aquarium (haven't had fish since I was a kid).  Just a 20gal tank for a couple of fancy goldfish.  I've been cycling it fishless for about 5 weeks now, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, just waiting for the nitrites to come down.  Can't wait to get fish!


Hopefully I can enjoy this hobby with less obsession and expense than my other ones.  smily_headphones1.gif


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