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**SOLD**Now for sale: Darkvoice 332 w/extra tubes

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Title says it all. Mint condition. See post below for listing of tubes.

Price is $300 plus shipping. Shipping will, of course, vary with the location of the buyer.

This amp is terrific with Sennheisers.


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You need to post pictures and put a price on it.

At least that's what I think.
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Originally Posted by rivieraranch View Post
At least that's what I think.
agreed. a bit more info is always nice - what kind of tubes, how long have you had it, what's the condition, etc. more information is always better and will more than likely get you a quick sale.
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Thanks. The unit comes loaded with M8100 and russian tubes (not svets) A couple of other pairs of the russian tubes and the original driver tubes are included. The unit is mint. I bought it recently (second owner) and it does not match with my Grados and sort of matches with my k701s. Hope this helps.
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Still haven't given a price on it (also any shipping cost, plus payment method).
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Now for sale - please see first post. Thanks
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i'm within an hour of you and am interested. how does the DV sound signature go? looking for something to tame the bass on the 990's, give some midrange and smooth the highs.
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Will you take a money order and ship to Manila?

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