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Originally Posted by Asr View Post
Being the owner of an HD650 and having heard the HD595, I'd say they're more different rather than the HD650 being an "improvement." The HD595 definitely has the flatter frequency response, and a more expansive soundstage. If you prefer a flatter response than the HD595 would be better for you. In comparison, the HD650 enhances the mid-range a lot, adds quite a bit to the mid-bass, and focuses the soundstage in a specific direction (towards the front). That doesn't necessarily mean better in all aspects to me.
Interesting comments. I tend to feel the 650 is rather forward in the upper midrange/lower treble. One headphone review site maintains that the 595 is depressed in the 1--6 khz range. Either way, the 650 sounds to me a good bit more forward and 'etched' in the midrange than the 595, and not always as relaxed. I'd be interested to hear you expand on your post, especially on the 'enhanced midrange' comment.
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Originally Posted by dkpaul View Post
I was in the same situation. HD595->HD650. I haven't heard the HD600... so let's skip that.

The upgrade was definitely worth it. Well worth it. I woudn't go back to the HD595. It comes down to your personal taste for the SQ... To me, they belong to different leagues.

As for the cable upgrade, I contemplated for Equinox... but that thing is like $250... so with a little extra I bought a set of Triple Fi 10 for more portable friendly set up.

Right now, Triple 10 are not quite close enough to HD650 yet, but I want to see what happens when burn-in effect kicks in.

interesting, just to add my thoughts regarding the hd 650: I have the tfp10 but wanted to try a fullsize can.. knew all about the "dark cavelike, and warm sound" etc., problems about the 650 but though this was just some really OVER critical statements. But I most say I like the hd 650 sometimes, but at the end I always say "aahhh" when I put in the tfp10 again. So tho I cannot put the finger on it, I like the tfp10 over the hd 650. (running both with imod-hornet, and no cable added to the 650).

IMO the TFP10 are WARM (some1 please comment this or is it just me?) but hell..,, the HD 650 are _WARM!_ =) like it sometimes... but think I'll try the grado next, cause these senns has to go and want another sound aproch compared to my tfp10 that sometimes has to ressesed mids imo.,.
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i think my 595 has a little weak bass and a bright treble.
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Originally Posted by davve View Post
i think my 595 has a little weak bass and a bright treble.
I completely agree. For the music I listen to I just don't get any impact out of the HD595. For a more analytical listen they are pretty nice.

Hopefully the HD650 have more bass impact and aren't as veiled as people say they are...
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With all sorts of equipment, the HD650 sound a bit different with each. And each seems to be an honest appraisal of the equipment. My SCD-XA777ES headphone out sounds a bit crisp and with a tipped up upper treble. With the Perreaux SXH1, it sounds fuller and more musical, and flat, but clearly solid state. With the WA6, it is seductive, and reveals different tube choices quite well, some being too warm in the midrange and rolled off, others being too extended on the extremes and "hi-fi."
Either way, the 650 sounds to me a good bit more forward and 'etched' in the midrange than the 595, and not always as relaxed. I'd be interested to hear you expand on your post, especially on the 'enhanced midrange' comment.
I've never had that quality, not at all! Again, probably associated equipment. I find the midrange liquid and refined.

In any case, doesn't this sound like what you want in a headphone? Neutral, revealing, seductive.

By the way, my HD650 was out of warranty, but was replaced (one driver became weak) as if in warranty. Can't beat that.
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Would the HD650 be described as "fun" sounding, natural, or would all that still depend on amp and source?
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I'll try: I can make it sound a bit clinical with certain solid state, blooming midrangy tubiness with certain tubes, or relatively literal and "documentary" with other tubes or solid state. What it has in common is a slighty distant perspective (vs Grado, for example) and realistic timbres. Works well with all styles (as would any accurate equipment), but doesn't hype towards rock or trance or anything. You get what is on record. Sound is full enough to always be enjoyable, even seductive and luxurious with the right equipment. Never edgy or hard unless poor equipment or cables are used. It sounds natural at different playback volumes, and doesn't strain or emphasize any particular band, so I tend to play it higher than healthy just to hear more into the mix. It doesn't sound "loud", just "involving."

I should say, this is with Cardas and de-foamed, each of which removed a tendency towards softness and veiled.
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So it can be a bit of fun sounding, clinical, or natural depending on how well the HD650 synergizes with a certain amp as well as cables? Sounds like a lot of upgrades and tweaks to get the desired sound. I'm willing to do all that, though, if I do buy these cans which is already a big possibility since they may have the kind of sound I'm after.
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No, no...

It isn't picky or in need of specific pairings. It is more like a clear window that reveals what is behind it. It sounds good with everything I've tried, but reveals the quality of the upstream equipment.

Stop overthinking this! ;^)
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I'm just trying to gather enough information I need so that I know what to expect when I do get these headphones. I've done a lot of searching here and learned quite a few. Some other people here have also said that it's finicky, much more so than the HD600, which is why I always mention "amp and source". There's just no way I can try these out for myself since there's like no high end audio store here, except for a local Grado dealer in which I've yet to visit hehe!

But I guess I've read enough on these, I might as well just take the plunge and order these somewhere over the web. I see that these are being sold for around $300 on ebay, from some Paypal verified sellers so I might buy it from there.
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I was shocked to hear the 600s next to the 650s at the last meet I went to - they were completely night and day! The 600s were actually too bright for my tastes, moreso than the Grado RS-2 and even the 325i. That said, I can't dismiss them totally as they were so refreshing compared to the 650, they're a sort of "595'd 650s" to my ears.
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Originally Posted by Xoen View Post
Would the HD650 be described as "fun" sounding, natural, or would all that still depend on amp and source?
According to the headroom graphs, the hd650's are one of the most accurate headphones around.
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I'd buy again, and I have no 2nd choice under $2k.
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With your setup I wouldn't bother changing cables on your possibly upcoming HD-650.
Roll those tubes! Much cheaper.

Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

Note: I would get a DAC first. It will probably give you a bigger improvement.
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Originally Posted by AS1 View Post

Roll those tubes! Much cheaper.
I wouldn't be so sure about that
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