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Darkvoice 336i

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Just received mine from China. Took only 3 days!

Will post findings soon...
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Where did you order it?? thanks

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Originally Posted by jamess71 View Post
Where did you order it?? thanks


Very likely eBay.

Either Jasmine or Casque...
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I ordered it through Jasmine on eBay.
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Looking forward to your impressions!
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Chris congrats
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Thanks, gang!

The box arrived yesterday via DHL after being handed off from OOE and clearing customs. Everything was nicely packaged with each tube separately wrapped. First, the tubes. The smaller one is a 6N8P (81.6J) and the large being a 71P. Hmmm... I'll have to look-up what they are.

I purchased this amp with no preconceived notions of how it should sound. All that I know is that I seek the warm sound I remember when listening to my old tube stereo from when I was a kid. If that was accomplished, I'd be satisfied.

Considering that it only has about an hour of burn time, I can say several things initially:

1) I am surprised at how good it sounds overall using my reference setup, which is an iPod, LOD, Grado SR-80, and Donald Fagen "The Nightfly"

2) Starting with the highs; they were clean, no tizz in the cymbals, and I actually heard "new" sounds in the songs that I've never heard before.

3) Moving on to the mids; again clean without being overpowering or in my face.

4) Lastly, my old friend, the lows. Bass was tight, not muddy. I think that once it burns in a bit more, the low-end will get even tighter. At this stage, I am not disappointed.

5) Presence: The unit holds its own in allowing the listener to feel "sparkle" in the music. It never really sounded flat in any one area or the other.

6) Soundstage: Broad, dynamic, and pleasant. This amp did not fatigue me at all.

So, that's the noob-view lowdown after one hour. As it further burns-in, I'll post my comments.

Thanks for reading.
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You don't need to look up what they are. The small tube is a 6SN7, and the large one is a 6AS7 (the 6080 is a popular direct substitute). They are both incredibly common tube types with many fine variants available. There is an entire thread here dedicated to tube rolling options for this amp. Just look in the amp forum. Happy reading, and happy tube rolling
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significant improvements can be made through tube rolling and while there are uber expensive options you could probably get great tubes for this unit for $60 for both. I would go NOS (New Old Stock ) rather than new production tubes. While not an expert on these tubes the sylvania 6sn7s are abundant there are many varieties and some are alot better than others but any will be better than the stock Chinese tubes.
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Thanks for posting your impressions.

Do you hear any humming with your amp when you have the music off and the volume turned up high, with your Grados?

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Thank you, 'Lab and JP. I'm already subscribed to that thread!

I'll run with what I have for a few more weeks, then roll with some better tubes.
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Musicmind: Holy crap! That is what I just came here to post!

I noticed today that with the source muted, and volume set anywhere between min and max, there is a definite hum in my left channel. Sounds like a 60 cycle hum, too.

I'm using a standard power cord and an "intermediate" input cable comprised of an LOD, F/F barrel, and a RCA to mini plug. I've ordered a good LOD with a direct input to the amp. Not sure if the wonky cable setup is the culprit, but there is a hum coming from somewhere.

I hope that this isn't inherent to the design... But that stated, many others may have experienced it also, but I have not read about it.

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Don't tell me these things are plagued with hum!

Tell me it isn't true. These Darkvoices are very appealing, looks wide at least. Are they going to act up in use with this hum?
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Could be crappy tubes? Bad power supplies? Dunno.

I tried my UE5FiPro's with the amp and the hum is even louder in the left channel.

This sucker might go back to China.
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Originally Posted by SoFlaChris View Post
Could be crappy tubes? Bad power supplies? Dunno.

I tried my UE5FiPro's with the amp and the hum is even louder in the left channel.

This sucker might go back to China.

I had this problem, except it was in the right channel.

It is very likely the stock tubes. Give them some more "burn-in" time, at least 24-48 more hours, and then report back. If you still have it, and it HASN'T improved, then the amp could be the culprit. If the "hum/noise" or whatever has improved, it's the tube.

Sometimes, in as little as a few hours this could be fixed, but in my case it was at least a good 100 more hours before the "hum" was completely gone.

I hope this helps..

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