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Nov '07 Partial Giveaway - Triple Grab-Bag!

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Time marches on - and here we are for the next to last in the series of 2007 monthly giveaways! Just one more to go with December's!

This time there's more than one giveaway item! The first is - well, let me put it a different way. The winner will have the option of picking a total of 3 giveaway items from these 3 multi-choice options:

- Rockhopper Audio's Mini³ (gain of 2) or Meier Audio's Corda HeadSix
- custom-specified mini-mini or RCA-mini interconnect built by skyline889 (length may not exceed 3' though)
- AKG's K141 Studio, Alessandro's MS-1, Audio-Technica's ATH-AD700, or Grado's SR80

There's a catch though. In the same way that October's raffle was themed with Halloween, this giveaway is also themed, to tie in with Thanksgiving - and in that spirit, this giveaway will not be free. (Sorry but this is part of the theming.) I'm giving the winner not just one but 3 items, so the winner must give me something in return. It can be any audio-related item - an amp, or a headphone, or an interconnect. Or for those who don't have a spare audio-related item, it can be a monetary amount instead - any amount will be fine, though a minimum $5 will be expected, along with a maximum of $100. The amount will be completely up to the winner to decide.

How To Enter:
Post a reply to this thread specifically mentioning the item or monetary amount that you will give me in the event you are the winner. Once posted, items or monetary amounts cannot be edited or retracted - so please don't enter if you're not willing to part with an item or pay money (again, the minimum is $5). Monetary amounts will be expected to be sent via PayPal.

Items must be able to be categorized as audio equipment or audio electronics or audio electronics parts, no other items will be accepted. Posts with items that aren't audio equipment will not be allowed to win. (This includes CDs, gift cards, etc.)

Items must also be in good working order (minimum 6/10 rating on the Audiogon scale). If I receive beat-up, malfunctioning, or otherwise useless items, negative feedback will be posted to your feedback thread and I will hunt you down!

Open To:
All Head-Fiers world-wide with: (1) a join date of Oct 2007 or earlier and (2) a post count of at least 20. No MoTs. People who do not meet these criteria will not be allowed to win. People on my Head-Fi Giveaways Winners List will not be allowed to win either.

This giveaway will run until 10 PM PST on November 8th, at which point this Random Number Generator will be run for just ONE number. The person with the corresponding post # will be the winner and will be contacted via PM. If a response is not received within 24 hours, the Random Number Generator will be spun again to choose a different winner.

Stay tuned for my final 2007 (and last ever) giveaway on December 1st, definitely won't be one anyone will want to miss!
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Nice giveaway! I applaud your endless generorisity. Not much chance of me winning since I fail at winning

But I'll enter anyway.

If I do win, I would give you $6.23.
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Great gesture!
I'll sacrifice my Senn HD230 for this.
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I'll give 10 bucks if I win. Thanks for all the great contests/giveaways ASR!
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thanks for your generousity!

i'll give you $7,5 if i win

best regards
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Wow, once again a superb contest! I’m in the market for a portable amp so I have my fingers crossed...!

If I win, I’ll give you $13.37.
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Awesome items!

You can definitely have my $18.83 if I win.
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Could do with some new cans, so if luck is on my side I can part with $15 for some gradolove
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LOL, your giveaways are getting so delightfully weird.

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great little comp.

my exchange item would be a premium cmoy amp or its monetary equivalent $50, whichever is preferred.

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I'll offer my headroom bithead (black pre-2006 version-- no gain switch) in exchange.

Don't know if I have the box with manuals/rubber feet/velcro, but I'll make an effort to look for it if I get chosen.
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If I win I will give you a 12" fully cotton insulated copper interconnect I made.
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i know i won't win but if i do... i'll part with my PA2v2
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Think I'd give you my Denon AH-D500
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I'll throw a G2 Shuffle into the pot.
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