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Looking for good desktop radio.

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Hey all,
Wasnt sure where to post this. Currently Im using my MP3 player hooked up to some cheapie speakers. The problem is my cubicle location. I can only get one radio station and its not one I care for unless you like hearing the same songs over and over every hour.

Im looking for the best reception possible in a desktop unit(id like to leave my MP3 player in my car). I was looking into the Tivoli, Cambridge Soundworks, and theres a new Sony.

I dont really know what else is out there. I want your opinions on what will get me the best reception possible.

Thanks in advance,
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I use a Tivoli Model One in my cubicle. It is the only radio I have ever had any success with at work. It has pretty damn good sound for just one speaker and it has a really nice tuner that is very sensitive. Love mine!
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Is internet radio an option?
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second the vote on one of the Tivolis. Have one at a second, vacation home far from any towers and get excellent reception. Analog tuner, but very accurate one at that
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+1 for the Tivoli Model One. I just bought one from another Head-Fier and I'm very pleased with it.
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Tivoli really, you can't go wrong. Look here.

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check this place out for radios. they carry Tivoli as well as Sangean and their own CCRadio. ccrane.com
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Another vote for the Tivoli! I got mine as a birthday gift 4 years ago and I still use it often. And when it's not playing, it looks really damn good on my nightstand.
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I ended up ordering the Sangean wr-2. Should be arriving today. Ill keep everyone posted. Thanks for all the replies!
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