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I still have pots to give away, so send your story.
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I can't wait, I had thrown away all my other headphone manufacturer drinking cups
and haven't had a cup of coffee since...when was it.... NOVEMBER!? 6?!?
Thanks, john
ps i meant to inquire at the headphone show in Chicago, but you guys were just too good to us and i didn't want to seem like an ingrate
Happy New Year Headroom!!!
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OK, here is the pinout for the modules that were/are sent with the mugs. AND no comments about procrastination, it is being done in the same calendar year, so I met schedule

there are 12 pins per side, and the sides are identical, so I will only give pinouts for one side.

I will call pin 1, the end pin, in the group of 2

12 3456789 10,11,12

pin 1 is the output side of the feedback network for the output stage. it is not connected internally to the output. you must do so outside the module.

pin 2 this is the output of the module. It should be tied to pin 1, or you can increase the gain by putting a resistor between pin 1 and pin 2.

pin 3 this is the input to the output stage.

pin 4 not connected, i think (some of you may have odd modules that had an unused option here)

pin 5 output of an internal summing stage resistively buffered

pin 6 +15 V

pin 7 ground (if such a thing exists)

pin 8 - 15 volts

pin 9 output of part of the shaping circuitry for the crossfeed. not resistively buffered , This same output is one of the summed outputs on pin 5

pin 10 output of a shaping stage. not resistively buffered

pin 11 input to the shaping stage whose output is pin 9,

pin 12 input to a gain stage (A=2) that is the other input to the summing stage whose ouput is pin 5 ALSO, the input for the shaping stage that is the OTHER sides pin 10 output.

power and ground have to be supplied to both sides of the module.

Not everyone has the same module, and I have no idea which one anyone has.

Easiest way to run the modules hook up power and ground to both sides, input is pin 12. short pins 1 and 2 together, and use as output. input to volume control pot is from pin 5, and the wiper to pin 3.

There are several ways to hook up the modules. have fun

and for those of you who want more information. my first post was

+ supply
- supply

have fun, and have a great new year And thank you for the great letters.
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Very nice

I'll give the module a try as soon as I clear my breadboard of a current project.
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danny, what would you think if I told you all I got from the basic hookup (input to 12's, output from pins 1 and 2, pin 5 connected to 3, +/- 15.9 V to pins 6, 7, and 8) was a very heated module and transducers that were also getting dangerously hot? Since I have no idea what could do that to/in the module, does it sound like something obvious?

Forgot to add: there was no sound from the transducers. DC voltage on the output for the channels is suspiciously about +15V for one channel, and about -15V on the other channel (looking like the power supply rails). I do get sound if I put a capacitor at the output though. Is it supposed to be +Vs for one channel and -Vs for the other? A meter showed 0 resistance between the output of one channel and the +Vs rail of the power supply, but there was no such connection between the other channel output and any of the power supply rails.
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Sorry for the delay in answering, I was in Las Vegas for CES.

I would say that one of three things has happened.

1. I screwed up, in my pin-out directions.
2. You got a bad module.

Let me recuperate from CES, and I will investigate further.
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No problem about the delay, after all, this is done out of your kindness and is not your obligation to help.
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Two questions:
a) Do you have any more pots/modules?
b) Do you take email submissions?
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