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HeadRoom DIY contest/giveaway

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Going through our excess inventory, I came across some dual 50K audio taper pots, that did not meet our specifications. (Some have tracking problems, scratchy, etc.) As they were for the old Cosmic, we scrapped the whole lot. They are taking up valuable shelf space. Sooooo.

Write me a letter, give me a really good sob story that explains why you are deserving of a handful of these pots. Truth is not required. Send it to my attention at

HeadRoom Corp.
P.O. box 6549
Bozeman, Mt 59771

I will post the letters internally for everone here (at Headroom) to critique your english or lack thereof. If you want the world to admire your effors, you will have to arrainge that on your own. I will send everyone who writes a letter with a modicum of effort in it a headroom mug, filled with pots. Really excellent stories, may even get an old module or two thrown in (no promises here).

Remember, the difference between a fairytail, and a sea-story is:

A fairytail starts off Once upon a time, while a sea-story starts off 'Now this is no s**t'.

Specs on the pots...

Clarostat D308N 50K-Z

This offer expires when I get tired of filling mugs with pots, or when I run out of pots.

If some one wants to post this on Headwise, feel free to do so, I am too lazy.
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I forgot to mention, these pots will fit in an Altoids box.
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i wish I were interested in DIY all of a sudden, and that I knew what a "pot" was
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Wow, an Official HeadRoom coffee mug and a "mug o' pots," personally filled by Danny. It doesn't get any better than that. Danny, look for my feeble attempt at storytelling in your mail.
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damn, you had to do this during midterm season. i won't have time to put in a lot of effort... *sob*sniffle*sob*
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The Mug of Pots have shipped. Many thanks to those of you who sent me your sea-stories concerning why you were deserving of a fantastic HeadRoom Mug and pots. The pictures of the various DIY amps were GREAT. All of you are also getting an old module guaranteed to be working at one time (they should be good). Of course these are the 'mug of 'potted'' version.

There are still pots (and Mugs) left, so those who procrastinate more than I do, send your letters, sisters, etc., for your FREE mug of pots.

And the real secret is... Think return paths, Ground is what you grow plants in.
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Hey Danny,
would you also ship to Canada?
Wouldn't want the shipping charges to ruin your company...


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Hello Redwood,

I will have you know that HeadRoom is a multi-hundred penny company. Send me your sob story.
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After chopping and tearing through literally 5 layers of tightly wrapped and sealed bubble-wrap, I came upon... the MUG o' POTS! Hey, what kind of beer mug is this? Kind of puny. J/K

Thanks a whole bunch Danny for your generosity!

P.S. Any chance of posting a pin layout of the old modules?
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Just got my "Mug O' pots" from FedEx. Thanks for the module too Danny....now, what am I supposed to do with it?
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Thanks, Headroom!

Got my mug(s) and pots too - THANKS, Danny! And buried under the foam peanuts on the bottom is............. a potted module!!!!
Anybody got a pinout, etc. for the module?

Headroom is the best!

P.S. Todd, I don't know why I misremembered and thought it was you responsible for this, so if you're reading this, sorry for my pushy "Am I getting any pots to finish this amp" email!
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Todays Date is December 28, 2001.

This is important.


I just received two (2) letters for mugs and pots postmarked NOVEMBER 6, 2001. and NOVEMBER 9, 2001.


John, who is old, and has poor ears, you will be getting yours.

Bryan, whose dog died, you will also get yours.

And the SOB who caused this mess in the Post Office. You will get yours.
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Module pinout?

Maybe those letters passed through the post office facilities near me in NJ - lots of hold-ups there.

Any chance of getting a pinout for the module that came in my mug? C'mon, throw me a bone here, Danny!

And thanks again!
Pete Boser
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Is this thing still open? I remembered an odd little DIY adventure a few weeks ago, but thought it was too late to send it in.
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