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I jsut received my ASL MG HEAD MK II and I noticed that the directions do not tell me what the function of the + - switch on the powersupply. Can someone enlighten me?

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From what I've read, it's a phase switch. If you experience hum due to a ground loop, you should be able to reduce/eliminate it by flipping that switch. Otherwise, it can be ignored.

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Yes !

Yes ! It is a Power Phase switch. I think it is useless in most time. I had test it in factory but seem to be no use but some user tell me have this problem sometime. So I add it !
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where did you get this amp?
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Most likely Divergent Tech.
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I just received my MG Head MK-II from Divergent this week (no ASL local dealer in my area).

I can't really comment on sound as this is my first headphone amp, but it sounds an order of magnitude better than the headphone jack in my receiver (with HD600, Arcam CD72T source). Build quality is very good.

One minor gripe is the lengths of the power cables. The PS-to-amp cable is too short to place the amp on my table and PS on the floor. The AC plug-to-PS cable is just barely long enough to place both PS and amp on table and plug into AC on the floor. Perhaps if PS is upgradeable this could be addressed - 12 extra inches on either cable would be useful.

Overall, I am pleased.
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Is the AC cord to the PS hardwired or a removable type?
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Also is the umbilical cord hard wired? What's the length of the umbilical cord?
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Cable lengths:

AC-to-PS: 47 inches
PS-to-amp: 36 inches

AC cable is hard-wired into PS. PS-to-amp (DC umbilical) cable is also hardwired into PS; there is a military-style removeable connector for DC into amp, I'm not sure if this is a proprietary connector or not (probably not is my guess).
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