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friendly person to deal with~

pays promptly, doesn't haggle.

what more can you ask for?

Welcome to head fi!
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I sold Chris two RCA tubes for his Darkvoice 336i amp. Chris's payment was a super quick payment, and he was a pleasure dealing with. I would not hesiate to recommend him for any other purchases, and is welcome to do business with me anytime.. The best it gets in Head-Fi. A+++ in my book...

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another positive transaction!

Chris bought a RCA cable from me.

he was very patient as the parts took a while to ship in.

he once again paid promptly and was extremely friendly

thanks again!
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I sold Chris one more tube for his DV 336i amp. Again, same as last time. Quick payment, and as always a pleasure to deal with. Another smooth transaction from Chris. Highly recommended around here... A+++

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Ultra fast shipping, may the fastest seller on head-fi. Really, after paying by paypall i got my package within 3 days. I am from Germany...

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