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LT, in this thread you told me you liked the Gilmore way better than the META42:

In this thread, you reveal that you sent the Gilmore back because you didn't like it at all.

That isn't cool dude. I can certainly understand you not wanting to publicize a customer service issue with Antness, but lying about how much you like his product is wrong.

Getting parents to pay for audio equipment without knowing it.
Actually, that's a joke. They give me money for my birthday and/or Christmas with no strings attached, and I spend it on headphones and gear. They don't have a problem with what I spend it on; they just don't know that it is going towards audio equipment.

Sorry for all of the editing, but at first I overreacted to LT, and I have since completely revised this post.
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And the legions of people authoritatively recommending or trashing headphones here that they've never heard is right? Take it as an over tactful response radrd... No need to get so hot under the collar over it. If anyone is reading through Lou's posts for a while they should surely know that he is enthusiastic about new stuff

PS. I am no longer Curious George... Thanks
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And the legions people authoritatively recommending or trashing headphones they've never heard is right?
No, I can't stand that either. Whenever I post on a headphone/product that I haven't heard, I am careful to say that my post is based upon what I have read. People who state hearsay and opinion as fact in a public arena are not doing anyone a service.

As you will note, I settled down a bit with my editing.
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Take it as an over tactful response radrd
You say tactful, I say lie. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I'm glad Kelly's review of the Gilmore wasn't tactful, and I'm glad most people aren't so damned tactful around here.
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What Amp to go with W1000?

While we all contemplate this disaggreement, I'd just like to say that for the budget you mentioned, you could actually try both,then sell the one you don't like.
Musical Fidelity Xcans V2, and JMT built Meta 42. Hell, you might just keep them both.
The thing about low impedence cans like the AT's that some people don't realize is that they can actually present a more difficult load to an amplifier than higher impedence ones.
One of the key elements is the impedence curve. The flatter the better or easier for the amp. I have no idea how the W1000 fares in this respect, but you can go to HeadRoom's measurements and take a look at some other examples. Unfortunately they don't sell Audio Technica yet.
The low impedence requires high current, whereas the high impedence requires high voltage. Tube amps are usually better at high voltage. My money would go to the Meta 42.
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Your lie about the Gilmore annoyed me too as I am considering buying it, I have treat all your replies since with a raised eyebrow.

If my opinion is that using red licorice for headphone wire provides a more natural sound than Cardas cable, and you correct me and state quite astutely that red licorice serves as very poor headphone wire due to its lack of conductivity and edibility, should I keep my believe and defend it, stating it is MY OPINION.

There is a point when opinion does not matter because the person is dead wrong. This is such a case.
The amount of impedance gives no accurate guage as to how much a headphone will benefit from proper applification.

The Grado Sr60's don't really benefit from applification at all, and I have tried them through a Max, the difference is negligable. Yet the RS1's, at the same 32OHM impedance, benefit greatly.

And in the early 90's I owned some Philips, headphones at 300 OHMs and some Sony's at 300OHM, or there about. They both needed amplicfication but the Sony wuld benefit from quality components and the Philips would not.

What determines whether a Headphone will benefit from quality amplification is how good the headphone is. If the interpretation of the signal by the headphone is perfect, then any perfection of the signal it recieves will provide a better sound (amp)

Whether or not you NEED an amp is determined by the OHM, how much the amp will help is by quality of phone. This is true most of the time and to say that any quality phone does not need a good amplifier is WRONG, not opinion.

Also, most of us come here for advice. Whenever you post here you are speaking to everyone. If an amp is underperforming and you lie, you are doing the people and the site a diservice. Instead of feeling you had to save ANtness reputation maybe you should have just KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT. That way, his reputation would be intact, we would not have been decieved and we would have been spared another of your meaningless and often wrong comments.

Ouch, perhaps a little strong there, I am a little **&$%^%#^ OFF today
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Yes I did really like the gilmore amp when I first got it as I always seem to like everything when I first get it. So you are right about that posting. Then after living with the amp a while I started not to like the very natural sound of it. I try-ed to get used to it but it just was not a fun sound for me being so natural And again you are right that I sold the amp.
Alright, I can accept that. When you told me that you liked it, you genuinly did at the time. It's alright for you to change your mind, and I'm glad that you can see where I'm coming from.

I'll bury my hatchet then.

BTW, a couple of posts back I said some stuff that was out of line, but then I edited it. If you read that stuff before I deleted it, please don't take it to heart because it was an overreaction.

You're okay LT; it's just a bit annoying when someone does a complete 180 on a piece of gear, that's all. No hard feelings.
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Ahhh... Group hug
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Yeah, there's no reason for this stuff to get out of hand, I should have just PM'd LT instead of crapping in this thread.

Back on topic...

As far as amps go for the W1000, I am quite happy with my META42, but as I've already mentioned, I will be trying out a Gilmore V2 when they start shipping in March. Hopefully I can post some of my own thoughts on which I like better once I get mine.

I'm seriously considering trying some other amps as well; the EarMax Pro, Prehead, and RKV MKII are calling to me.
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Originally posted by LobsterSan
the mapletree ear+ has also caught my attention... quality tubey goodness at a reasonable price. i'd like to try it out some day. at $125 for the DIY kit, it's be quite an interesting and affordable project.
Hmmmm....$125? I thought I looked the other day and it was more like $325. At $125....I'll take two!

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Thread Starter 
Thank you all for the inputs.
I am still using the Pioneer, but I am waiting for a good deal on Arcam CD23 FMJ.
Although I am listening to my W1000 everyday, I still don't know how it sounds. It's changing everyday. At first, it was so plain and sharp, now it's going deeper and deeper, richer and richer... Full of surprising.
I still don't know which one to buy, ROTL seems a very good option, but I hope it's not too sweet for W1000.
By the way, sometimes I notice the sound stage is a little bit to the right side. Is it the recording or that's the thing with W1000? or just my poor ear? anyone expericing same thing?
Thank you again=)
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By the way, sometimes I notice the sound stage is a little bit to the right side. Is it the recording or that's the thing with W1000? or just my poor ear? anyone expericing same thing?
That is most likely the recording, your ears, or your source. I find that my ears have a tendency to hear stuff on the left side more for some reason, especially with portable sources regardless of the headphones. With my Music Hall player and META42, things sound a lot closer to balanced (if not often perfect), but sometimes I still here more slightly on the left regardless of the headphone. Since i've tried so many headphones, sources, and types of music, I'm positive it's my ears. However, some recordings are more obviously skewed towards one side or another, especially with rock; much less so with classical IME.
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Originally posted by dougli
Well, my Corda Blue matches very well with them, so based on a review which stated that the Blue sounds very much like the Corda HA-2, I'd suggest the HA-2. Or the HA-1 with KurtW's mods, making it into a Corda Blue.
Within your parameters, make this another vote for the Meier Audio HA-2.
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