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Mini3 vs. Headsix?

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Has anyone done a comparison between these two and can offer the opinion as to which has better overall sound quality? Mini3 goes for around $110 and the Headsix is about $150, right?
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I'd be interested in this comparison as well... I just bought the mini^3 and am very impressed with it, and my dad has been considering the headsix.
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The Minibox-E should be thrown into the mix at this price point. I am very impressed with mine, but I have nothing to compare it to.
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I just got my HeadSix yesterday...give me a few days for burn-in and testing.
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I have compared the Mini^3 (high performance version) and the MiniBox-E. They are both outstanding specially at their respective prices. I find the MiniBox-E to have a wider soundstage and an smoother presentation. The Min^3 has a very nice punchy sound w/ lots of micro detail, a very fun amp to listen to.
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So gtp how does it compare, so far, even without burn-in?
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